New survey of vaccine-free group exposes long-term impact of vaccination policies on public health

They tell us vaccines are “safe and effective.”

They tell us the risks of common diseases outweigh the risks of vaccines.

They tell us vaccine risks are “rare.”

What if none of these claims are true?

In 2019, Joy Garner with The Control Group set out to answer that question by conducting a litigation survey of never-vaccinated people. They found that, in every case, the claims we hear from our vaunted government and TV experts about the risks and benefits of vaccines are demonstrably false.

In fact, they learned that the tiny, vaccine-free minority of Americans is far healthier overall than the vaccinated majority….


Joy Garner realized that the most important group of people in America was being driven toward extinction by ever more forceful vaccine mandates, dwindling exemptions, and blatant coercion.

Her survey group represents the desperately needed “control group” for this massive experiment our authorities have been conducting on our children, and increasingly on adults, for at least 30 years now. Only the never-vaccinated among us can show us what life and health look like when we let our immune systems do their jobs and manage illnesses as they come along.

The vast majority of Americans—99.97%, or more than 329 million—have been exposed to vaccines.

By contrast, our tiny group of vaccine-free citizens makes up only about 0.26% of the population, or roughly 800,000 children and adults.

Yet, curiously, they are often feared and blamed for all the ills of the majority. Do the healthy, unvaccinated few among us really have that much power?


Garner saw the decline of the unvaccinated control population and knew it was vitally important to gather the wisdom manifested in their health trajectories while it was still possible. And it was important to protect this endangered species from extinction.


Garner named her litigation The Control Group for obvious reasons. Her passion and love for others drove her to tackle this project our authorities should have done, and still should do on a larger scale.

But it was her intelligence and business experience that gave her the skills and confidence to pull it off.

After all, at its core, the task was straightforward:

  • Create a survey like the ones the authorities typically use to gather health data on Americans.
  • Get the survey into the hands of the target population (the never-vaccinated).
  • Crunch the numbers from the surveys, and validate the results.
  • Compare health outcomes from the survey results to national health statistics for the vaccinated majority.

The survey instruments themselves were streamlined into two forms, and the process followed appropriate protocols for collecting and reporting health data for litigation. The forms prompted respondents to report all illnesses and disabilities.

Garner reached the subject population by promoting the survey through social media, radio interviews, events, referrals and other means.

Surveys were manually completed and mailed back (or handed back at events) to help eliminate some of the flaws in online, electronic surveys.

Follow-up calls clarified unclear answers and helped ensure participants recalled and reported all health issues.

Garner compiled and evaluated the results using established statistical practices, and engaged experts in relevant fields to validate the forms and the process as well as the results.

And she acquired comparable statistics for the vaccination population from national health reports.

In the end, survey respondents represented a solid 0.179% of the entire vaccine-free population, estimated during the survey period at around 832,521 Americans, and ranged in age from under 1 year to 73.

From the data on both groups—the vaccinated and the never-vaccinated—her team generated graphs that tell a powerful story, one every American, indeed, every citizen of the world, should hear. Now. While they still can.


In every case, the vaccinated majority of Americans (shown in orange) experienced far more illness and dysfunction than the vaccine-free survey population. How much more? See for yourself…..

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