Humor: Eugenics czar Fauci says Covid has revealed just how racist America is

Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci said the coronavirus pandemic has exposed “the undeniable effects of racism” on American society.

Covid-19 has shone a bright light on our own society’s failings,” Dr Fauci said on Sunday during a video message to students graduating from Emory University in Atlanta.

Dr Fauci, who leads the US response to Covid-19, said that even as things return to “some form of normality” people should not forget how the virus disproportionally hospitalised and killed people of colour.

The disparity could be explained by a number of factors, Dr Fauci said – all of which have their roots in the deeply entrenched racial inequality of society.

People from minority groups were statistically more likely to work in essential, front-line jobs and hence had the greater risk of getting exposed to the virus, he said. They are also more likely to suffer severe sickness from the virus because of medical conditions such as hypertension ( , chronic lung disease (, diabetes (  or obesity (

“Now, very few of these comorbidities have racial determinants,” Dr Fauci said…..

Of course the biggest obstacle to health for american black people is the medical establishment that fauci helps direct.   Specifically their refusal to admit the broad toxicity of the vitamin D deficiency imposed by the FDA’s quack recommendations for it, which especially impacts people with dark skin.   These eugenical policies and the racism which drives it pervades every nook and cranny of the satanic aristocracy.   It’s not enough for them to impose eugenicist policies, they have to exploit the consequences of those policies to prop up a pretense of good intentions.

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