Corbett: Meet Carroll Quigley

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From 2008: This week we hear from Carroll Quigley and G. Edward Griffin about a secret society created by Rhodes to spread the British Empire around the world…which is still at work, attempting to set up a world government administered by bankers.

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Joining us today is Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy and Respiratory, Michael Yeadon, here to discuss his expert opinion on the topics of COVID-19, mRNA vaccine technology, as well as suppression and outright censorship of medical and scientific experts. 

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: scientific evidence that covid is crime against humanity

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is an international trial laywer, who succesfully sued large fraudulent corporations, like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. His worldwide network of lawyers has listened to a hundred experts from every field of science. They collected undeniable evidence that the covid pandemic is a planned criminal operation. According to Dr Fuellmich a second Nuremberg trial may be needed, to prosecute all who are complicit in this unprecedented crime against humanity.


The Scientific Evidence

On this page you can download dozens of scientific studies and investigative reports that confirm Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s claim that the pandemic is a crime against humanity. Share this scientific evidence with your own family practitioner, school teachers, medical staff, law enforcement, local authorities, etc. Stop World Control also created several in depth reports that prove how the pandemic was planned for decades. ….

‘Don’t Vaccinate the Young and Healthy’ – Swedish Doctors Pen Open Letter Against Mass Jabs

A group of 28 medical experts has in an opinion piece urged public health officials to only vaccinate at-risk groups against COVID-19, but not the young and healthy.

In their open letter in the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten, the 28 doctors and researchers, including psychiatrist and debater Sven Román and Nils Littorin of Lund University, who also heads the local party the Malmö List, maintained that a large part of the world’s population has now had COVID-19 and that even more have one form of immunity or another.

“Therefore, we should only vaccinate those who are aged 65 years of age and over or are at risk. Otherwise, we risk repeating the fatal mistakes of the swine flu vaccination,” the experts wrote.

In March 2009, the world saw an outbreak of a new flu virus, possibly stemming from pigs, notably infecting even young people. Alarm bells rang globally, as the virus in many ways resembled the 1917 Spanish flu outbreak. A vaccine was shortly developed against the swine flu and 60-90 million doses were administered globally. In Europe, and particularly in the Nordic countries, numerous cases of narcolepsy appeared after these vaccinations. The confounding factor is that the swine flu virus itself causes narcolepsy, which makes it hard to discern the cause. Still, the patients who developed narcolepsy were compensated by the state.

The signatories cite the risk of developing fatal blood clotting and haemorrhaging, which has been a noted as a side effect of several vaccines, including AstraZeneca, and urge not to repeat the “narcolepsy mistake” and not to inoculate the young and healthy, as well as those who have already had COVID-19 and have developed some form of immunity.

The proposal runs counter to the general vaccination strategy implemented by the Swedish Public Health Agency, the state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell and the government’s vaccine coordinator Richard Bergström. According to the official take, Sweden will leave the pandemic phase and enter the endemic phase when over 60 percent of the population have been vaccinated. So far, Sweden has managed to fully inoculate about 9.5 percent of the target groups.

Doctor Sven Román is particularly sceptical of the authorities’ apparent links to the pharmaceutical industry, such as the aforementioned Richard Bergström, who was previously CEO of the Pharmaceutical Industry Association….

80 Groups Blast U.S. for Interfering With Mexico’s Plan to Ban Glyphosate and GMO Corn

A coalition of 80 U.S. agricultural, consumer, environmental, public health, and worker groups sent a letter April 29, to key figures in the Biden administration calling for them to “respect Mexico’s sovereignty and refrain from interfering with its right to enact health-protective policies” — specifically, the phaseout of the herbicide glyphosate and the cultivation of genetically modified corn.

“Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador quietly rocked the agribusiness world with his New Year’s Eve decree,” Timothy A. Wise of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (ITAP) noted earlier this year. “His administration sent an even stronger aftershock two weeks later, clarifying that the government would also phase out GM corn imports in three years and the ban would include not just corn for human consumption but yellow corn destined primarily for livestock.”

“Mexico imports about 30% of its corn each year, overwhelmingly from the United States,” Wise added. “Almost all of that is yellow corn for animal feed and industrial uses. López Obrador’s commitment to reducing and, by 2024, eliminating such imports reflects his administration’s plan to ramp up Mexican production as part of the campaign to increase self-sufficiency in corn and other key food crops.”…

Wouldn’t it be nice if washington at least went through the motions of supporting and protecting the health of americans?   But apparently eliminating the western middle class is job one of the satanic aristocracy.

Existential Economic Threats: How U.S. States Can Survive Without Federal Money –

We all knew it was coming; the alternative economic media has been warning about it for years. Eventually, monetary intervention and bailout after bailout by central banks always leads to devaluation of the currency and inflation in prices. Helicopter money always ends in disaster and at no point in history has it ever produced positive long-term results for a society.

The federal reserve has generated trillions in fiat dollars over the course of a single year (on top of the tens of trillions created in the past decade), all in the name of offsetting deflation. This deflation was NOT caused by the pandemic, it was caused by the government response to the pandemic.  On top of that, the shutdowns of “non-essential businesses” and the lockdowns in general ended up being useless in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

All the information, all the facts and all the science supports the anti-lockdown crowd. Conservative run states that removed lockdowns and mandates months ago are seeing falling infection and death numbers and local businesses are on the mend. The problem is, government authorities don’t seem to care about this. It appears that their intention is to double down and continue demanding restrictions stay in place for the long haul.

In other words, they are going to FIND an excuse to keep the mandates going. If no reason exists, they will create a reason. Consider for a moment the fact that COVID-19 is mutating constantly, and like any other virus there are new strains that pop up every year. Just as we have a seasonal flu, we will probably now have seasonal COVID.

Since viruses also tend to evolve into less deadly forms of their original iteration it is unlikely that new COVID mutations will be any more dangerous than they were in the past. But each new strain creates a new rationale for the federal government to proclaim a national emergency and possibly enforce new lockdowns.

This puts a lot of state governments in a difficult position. If they ever shut down again simply because federal authorities demand it, they will be angering their citizens and harming their region’s cash flow and production. Small businesses will go bankrupt by the thousands and the public will be on the verge of rebellion.

On the other hand, if states defy the federal government (many are already passing laws blocking draconian vaccine passports), there is a good chance that the feds will respond by cutting off taxpayer funds and stimulus dollars to those states. With the combined threats of price inflation and federal financial retaliation, some states may cave and submit to more lockdowns or other mandates. And, by extension, their economies will begin to die once again.

It’s a Catch-22, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are measures that states and communities can take to diminish inflation and reduce dependency on federal dollars at the same time…..

World’s most-vaccinated nation locks down as Covid cases spike

Before the Covid vaccines were released to the public, the storyline coming from “experts” was that they would be the pathway to get things back to normal. Fast forward to today and nothing seems normal despite months of vaccinations. But as Joe Biden and most politicians (along with mainstream and social media) try to shame vaccine-skeptics into taking the experimental shots, one nation gives us a glimpse of our future when we achieve the 60%+ vaccinated milestone.

That glimpse isn’t a very good one.

The tiny nation of Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, has the highest density of vaccinated citizens in the world. Over 60% of their residents have received full Covid vaccinations, so one would expect they would be well on their way to reaching normalcy by now. Instead, they are experiencing a spike in new Covid cases that’s so bad, they’re going into full lockdown mode once again.

The nation of under 100,000 people is a popular tourist destination, so the government sprung into action to get as many people vaccinated as possible. Their economy required them to be considered as safe as possible to maintain their biggest industry, so the people generally embraced the vaccination agenda. It isn’t just to protect those who are vaccinated, but also those who are not. That’s the point of vaccines, to slow the spread and make a disease fade away as a result of herd immunity.

It didn’t happen. Instead, they’ve seen a spike of over 50% increase in cases just since April 28. The government is baffled, holding a press conference to announce the new round of lockdowns. Officials at the press conference gave little detail on what could be behind the infection surge other than to say people were taking fewer precautions against the virus than before and the surge may be due to celebrations after Easter. …

Or the vaccine itself is causing covid symptoms via the spike protein.