Success: Prenatal phthalate exposure  altered information processing in infants

This is good as far as it goes, but shouldn’t we be testing babies with maybe asphyxiation  or satanic ritual abuse to determine how resistant they are to death? Oh yeah, that’s right… science is already way ahead of the curve.

Just to point out the obvious, the biggest phthalate exposure bottle-fed infants get is from the bottle nipples .   It’s almost redundant though, given the prevalence of aluminum contamination in infant formula , not to mention lack of nutrition, see item #9 at ).

They’re still working on breast fed babies but given the effectiveness of maternal brainwashing (most still don’t appreciate the genius of their bodies), they’ll be brought under the eugenics umbrella soon enough.

Exposure to phthalates, a class of chemicals widely used in packaging and consumer products, is known to interfere with normal hormone function and development in human and animal studies. Now researchers have found evidence linking pregnant women’s exposure to phthalates to altered cognitive outcomes in their infants.

Most of the findings involved slower information processing among infants with higher phthalate exposure levels, with males more likely to be affected depending on the chemical involved and the order of information presented to the infants….

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