Epstein Network Graph: Structure of Blackmail Control

Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and apparent death has caused numerous researchers to dive deep into his associates, foundations and funding. The evidence shows that his network extends quickly into almost every corridor of power and a wide variety of major global crime syndicates whose activity includes human trafficking, weapons and drug smuggling. This unlawful activity sits simultaneous to funding of cutting edge scientific research and likely also blackmail of a variety of powerful figures. We may never know all the details of his activity, but this map helps us to make sense of a very complicated situation.

The information used to create this graphs has come via numerous news sources, books, court cases and witness testimonies. The creators of this graph can neither prove nor disprove every claim and connection presented here and are not responsible for any actions taken as a result of either correct or incorrect conclusions drawn by others in response to it’s information.

Tips for use:

– Each node can be clicked to bring it’s connections into greater focus.
– The busyness of the map means that you will need to zoom in and scroll around to view the details clearly. You can zoom in/out using a mousewheel or equivalent.
– Once a node has been selected, you can then click the ‘expand’ link in the resulting popup/info window to view the full details of the person or organisation you have clicked on. There will often be text, quotes and links available for further research.

This map is regularly updated – please refresh the map page in your browser for the latest version.


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