Case Study: How Corporations Force Employees To Get Vaccinated

Corporations are breaking away from the nation-state and the rule of law by imposing policies that are patently destructive to their employees and customers as well as society at large. Most governing bodies are leaving these corporations to do whatever they wish, with no regulatory oversight. ⁃ TN Editor

An update to Bridgestone Americas, Inc’s corporate travel policy dated April 4, 2021, is an example of how employers may leverage their influence over individuals to make the COVID-19 vaccination necessary, even if they do not mandate it. The new policy applies to all employees who travel or meet with customers, but the implications are inescapable. There will be two classes of employees for the foreseeable future: those who have received the vaccine and those who have not. The introduction to the policy update states that explicitly. According to internal documents provided to PJ Media by a Bridgestone employee:

Below is a summary of key updates to the policy’s protocols, which now differentiate between fully vaccinated teammates and partially vaccinated or unvaccinated teammates. Also included is a helpful Q&A to assist you in having conversations with other teammates and customers about their vaccination status.

Many corporations have put travel safeguards or prohibitions in place during the pandemic. Most employers prioritize the health and safety of their employees for business continuity and employee relations purposes. However, if an employee’s job requires travel and he or she has an ethical or medical concern regarding receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, the new Bridgestone policy will identify that employee as unvaccinated. This status will be evident in internal company systems and the behaviors required based on their vaccination status….

Given the shedding of virus or protein particles from CV-vaccinated people, whatever is left of civil society would be well advised to enforce their own mandates by avoiding business whose employees have been vaccinated.   Two can play this game.   At minimum, it would turn vaccination into a liability rather than an asset in the bottom line.   And it’s not hard to distinguish the outposts of the empire from local  businesses.

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