Blackmail: Hunter Biden Says Laptop May Have Been His . . . Or The Russians Did It

In a  bizarre interview, President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden finally acknowledged that the infamous laptop may indeed be his . . . or the creation of Russian intelligence.  After offering detailed accounts going back years on his drug addiction and abuse, Biden seems incapable of remembering whether he had this laptop with thousands of files, including personal and embarrassing images of his having sex and doing drugs.

In his interview with CBS’s Tracy Smith, Biden is finally asked about the lap — which is an improvement over other media including a recent interview by NPR.

In the interview, Biden was asked about the laptop. He answered cryptically: “There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was the — that it was Russian intelligence.”

There was not a serious pushback on that incomprehensible answer like “you can remember details from your period of addiction going back 20 years but you cannot remember this laptop?”  Or how about this: “even if you cannot remember your own laptop, you have seen the pictures and emails. Are those authentic pictures and emails?”

Hunter Biden remains in a protected media space on questions about the specific emails and photos, including emails showing raw influence peddling worth millions.

Instead, crickets.

National Public Radio issued a correction after running a false statement about the laptop of Hunter Biden in a story about Biden’s recent memoir, “Beautiful Things.”  The article by NPR senior editor and correspondent Ron Elving stated categorically that the laptop story was discredited by news organizations. It was later compelled to correct that false statement but still has language casting doubt on the story and evades glaring contradictions in Biden’s book and his interview.  Moreover, NPR continues to run false claims from prior controversies.

The NPR story originally stated that “The laptop story was discredited by U.S. intelligence and independent investigations by news organizations.” That is entirely and demonstrably false. Anyone who has done a modicum of research would know that neither Hunter nor President Joe Biden have ever denied that this was Hunter Biden’s laptop or that the files and pictures were genuine. They have refused to specifically respond to the contents, a position enabled by the media which has maintained a protective cocoon around the Bidens. This included the blocking of the story by Big Tech companies and a virtual blackout on the story before the election….

Thus the media ensures that the blackmail control of the biden family continues.

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