Italy: Covid Corruption Machine Turns Its Gaze to Young Children

ROME (AP) — The variant of the coronavirus discovered in Britain is prevalent among Italy’s infected schoolchildren and is helping to fuel a “robust” uptick in the curve of COVID-19 contagion in the country, the health minister said Tuesday.

Roberto Speranza told reporters that the variant, associated with higher transmission rates, has shown pervasiveness “among the youngest age group” of the population.

In recent weeks, Italy’s incidence of new cases among young people has now eclipsed incidence among the older population, a reversal of how COVID-19 afflicted residents in the first months of the pandemic….

Another casedemic.   No evidence-based verifiable health statistics whatsoever.  Why bother with the PCR hokum anyway?   It’s so inefficient to “test” children.  Why not just demographically classify and prioritize them for proper disposal?

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