Humor: Study examines what makes people susceptible to fake health news

A new study from University of Kansas journalism & mass communication researchers examines what influences people to be susceptible to false information about health and argues big tech companies have a responsibility to help prevent the spread of misleading and dangerous information.

Researchers shared a fake news story with more than 750 participants that claimed a deficiency of vitamin B17 could cause cancer. Researchers then measured if how the article was presented — including author credentials, writing style and whether the article was labeled as “suspicious” or “unverified” — affected how participants perceived its credibility and whether they would adhere to the article’s recommendations or share it on social media. The findings showed that information presentation did not influence how people perceived it and that only social media efficacy played a role in whether respondents said they would share it….

What they’re really researching here is how to present false medical information more effectively.   Unfortunately for them, the peasants are starting to question the emperor and they can’t help noticing that he’s naked.   The level of fraud, quackery and mother and child abuse that passes for medicine in america is just too outrageous for gaslighting to work in the age of the internet.   And just wait for the male genital mutilation scandal to catch fire.   Doctors will be demanding a refund on their medical education.   But of course the problem goes deeper than mere ignorance, as bio-psychiatry demonstrates.    And then there’s obstetrical violence and vaccine vandalism, often under threat of CPS kidnapping.   What exactly is medicine anyway?

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