Five-year-olds told to wear face masks in the classroom

(Natural News) Headteachers in at least two primary schools in England have written to parents this week requesting that their children wear face masks in the classroom when schools reopen on March 8.

Parents at Selsdon Primary and Nursery School in South East England have been told that children as young as five years old should wear a face mask at all times except during sports lessons or when eating or drinking.

The school’s executive headteacher, Susan Papas, explained that the use of masks allows students to play safely with others. She added that students will be taught the safe way of wearing face masks. The guidance will apply to students from Year One to Year Six, The Telegraph first reported.

Papas added that they had introduced similar measures for the children of school staff who had been coming in to work even during lockdown. She said enforcing the measures has been “very successful” and that children quickly became comfortable with the face masks and were still able to socialize with their peers as normal….

By the time these victims reach adulthood, such satanic oppression will be entirely internalized.   Chronic suffocation, vocal muffling, obscuring of facial expression etc, all for something that doesn’t affect children and that children don’t transmit.

Where are the adults?

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