Angry Nurse has had it with the Covid-19 Hoax

This nurse lady is really, really angry. She uses very strong language… and she makes some excellent points. Take very good care of yourself, always – and you will avoid colds and the flu – or whatever they call it this year. No one else is responsible for your health – or lack of health. Your health is in your own hands. Be careful what those hands pick up and buy from the grocery store and what those hands put into your mouth.

And then there are the thoughts you think. Fear thoughts – anger, sorrow, boredom, blame, shame, guilt, victim, etc – are the kinds of thoughts that lead to dis-ease. Dis-ease (mind in an uproar) > disease.

“All healing is essentially the release from fear.”
– “A Course In Miracles”

“Fear and sickness are identical.”
– “Science & Health”

Did you know that COVID stands for Certificate Of Vaccination ID? Now you do.

Did you know that A is the first letter of the alphabet and I is the ninth? COVID-19 = Certificate of Vaccination ID AI (Artificial Intelligence).


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