Vaccine Injury Is A Daily Struggle: Parents Share Their Stories

On December 26, 2016, in my Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group I asked parents what it is like to care for their vaccine injured children. For most, it is a 24/7 365 day-a-year financially, emotionally, physically and mentally agonizing struggle, not to mention the outright debilitating effects that the child must endure. If you are on the fence about vaccinating, what you need to know more than anything is that any one shot given at any age could be the shot that maims or kills your child. It is that simple. Read what these parents struggle with, including for many the grief that their inner guidance said not to do it, but they trusted their doctor anyway. Just remember, your doctor won’t be there taking care of your vaccine injured child, and will probably deny the vaccine did it anyway. Read these stories, read more of this website, and go vaccine free – the absolute surest way to avoid vaccine injury. If you have a vaccine injured child, feel free to add what it is like to care for your child in the comment section below.

~ Larry Cook

Michelle Berrett Bodine
It’s constantly thinking ten steps ahead of every situation. ‪Will this trigger an allergy, a sensory overload, a meltdown, a panic attack, or worse…a seizure? ‪Do I have all the right supplies every time I leave home. The right food replacements, calming tools, sensory blockers, meds/ supplements/ essential oils to stop the seizures or the bleeding? ‪It’s sleeping lightly for 20+ years because neurological disorders, panic attacks, bleeding disorders, seizures…don’t sleep. They don’t take a break for the holidays. ‪It’s recognizing the other parent and child warriors, the other victims of vaccine injury, at a glance. Recognizing the awareness in their eyes, the hyperfocus, the exhaustion, the courage, the truth. ‪It’s carrying accordion files filled with medical reports to every school or hospital visit, evidence that you aren’t making up your children’s health issues. It’s being called ignorant, uneducated, “just a parent” even though you’ve researched more in the last six months (not to mention the last 20 yrs) than any of those “professionals” likely have in their entire careers. ‪It’s losing friends and family because we miss activities, rarely have a sitter, can’t predict our children’s health or reaction to a gathering. And because we are now labeled as crazy for calling out the truth. ‪It’s spending those rare spare moments fighting, begging, pushing for change, hoping those around you hear your story and awaken to truth, avoiding the nightmare you’ve endured and your children have suffered.

Donna DeForge
Imagine a baby who has inconsolably, high-pitched screams from morning until night, then becomes a toddler who screams all day and all night. ‪Imagine a baby who doesn’t make eye contact with you and who doesn’t point or doesn’t acknowledge you speaking to them. ‪Imagine a child who never utters a word and can’t even answer yes or no. ‪Imagine a child who needs 7 days a week of therapy just to get them to make eye contact with you. ‪Imagine a child who injures themself by bashing their head on floors and through walls, windows, mirrors, etc. on a daily basis. ‪Imagine a child who spends her entire life in a special education classroom, and at 21 years old, still hasn’t reached kindergarten level academics. ‪Imagine a child who smeared herself with her own feces until she was 6 years old. ‪Imagine a child who will never be independent, who will never have a job, will never have a friend, will never have a family of their own. ‪Imagine a child who suffers with daily seizures, some of them so severe they could kill her.

‪Imagine people telling you vaccine injury isn’t real… that it’s all your imagination, and you’re just looking for something to blame your child’s disability for. ‪Imagine not being able to work or have a life of your own because caring for your brain damaged child is your 24 hour a day, 365 day a year full time responsibility. ‪That is what caring for a vaccine injured child is like for ME.

Shelley Vidalis-Kluz
I don’t think words can accurately describe it. ‪It’s grief, it’s tears, it’s joy when you see your child making some small steps of progress, it’s fights with your husband when you’re both so wore out; it’s being exhausted physically and emotionally, it’s researching constantly and tweaking this or that to help your child recover, it’s trying to hold your family together when it feels like your world has been literally ripped apart. It’s guilt when you think that you could have prevented this but didn’t know better, it’s witnessing the death of who your child was… And coming to terms with the way things are now. ‪It’s like I lost my daughter but she is still here with us….

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