Report from Washington, D.C. “Save America” Rally

The following is the testimony of a person who was in the Rally on Wednesday, January 6 2020. It presents a personal perspective.


Contrary to Big Media’s Big Fat Lies, the Save America rally on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, was in my opinion an exhilarating, momentous, peaceful protest.

Spoiler alert: I did not make it inside the Capitol, but I was in the first 25% wave of people that arrived, and like 99.9% of those around me, I jubilantly participated in a peaceful “storming” of the Capitol.

A friend I’ll call “Bill” invited me to go to Washington for what was shaping up to be an historic event. We took the train down from New York the night before and stayed at the apartment of his brother “Jim.” Bill is a former lefty type who quips that the left had to work awfully hard to get him to be the Trump supporter he now is. Jim got totally fed up with the Democrats and is now an avid Trump supporter.

On arrival to the Ellipse where Trump would speak, I can say based on many Washington marches under my belt that the Save America rally’s turn-out was spectacular.  I heard reports of a million plus present.  We will likely never get an official crowd estimate from the National Park Service.

I’ve been to marches large and small, but I don’t recall encountering such a polite, well-mannered crowd. Bill had been to a prior Trump rally and Jim had been to three (Johnstown, Trump’s hospital vigil, November 3).

They said every rally is the same: uncommonly good, nice people. I figured their love of Trump colored their characterization of the President’s base.  But I discovered at the rally that it’s an actual thing: Trump supporters are by and large decent, down-to-earth, genuine people.

I saw many women at the rally, and tons of young people.  Contrary to the drumbeat that Trump supporters are racist white supremacists, Bill and Jim told me that the rallies they attended were very diverse:  Sikhs, African Americans, Cubans, Mexican, Vietnamese.  The election numbers prove this out, with Trump gaining incredible traction with Black and Hispanic voters.  From what I saw, this Save America rally was almost all White. I never did get a good answer why Trump’s diverse base did not get to D.C. for this rally.

I have to say I was truly surprised how incredibly informed almost everyone I met was.  The conversations I had revealed big-picture thinkers as well as familiarity with granular details. Those I spoke with certainly defied the stereotypical depictions of dumb deplorables….

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