Pelosi Puts Swalwell Back On Homeland Security Committee Despite Chinese Spy ‘Entanglement’

Eric Swalwell – the Democratic Rep. who suggested using nukes on gun-owners, farted on live TV, and was duped by a Chinese honeypot known as ‘Fang Fang’, is returning to the House Committee on Homeland Security, because why not.

“My committee memberships — along with my experience as a prosecutor and as the son and brother of law enforcement officers — will give me a unique opportunity to delve into one of America’s most serious national security threats,” wrote the California lawmaker, who was duped by a Chinese honeypot spy who he refuses say whether or not he slept with.

Swalwell’s top priority? “highlighting and finding solutions to the scourge of white nationalist extremism” – as opposed to other threats to the homeland, such as, Chinese espionage of US military secrets and intellectual property….

If he’s being blackmailed by the CCP it would be quite a catch for them.

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