NHS doctors instructed to postpone routine care and administer covid-19 vaccines instead

The British Medical Association and The National Health Services (NHS) have instructed general practitioners to postpone routine checkups and administer covid-19 vaccines instead. Healthcare systems around the world have been radically transformed in 2020, as family and friends are barred from their loved ones and conditioned to believe that getting vaccinated is the only way people can make human contact again. Healthcare systems have been reorganized to reflect this belief system and the end game of coercive vaccination is here.

In the pandemonium, private healthcare has become a top-down dictatorship, as experimental injections take precedence over all other forms of healthcare. Fair and equal access to the taxpayer-funded National Health Services was disrupted in 2020, as hospitals shut down, rationed surgeries and limited access to other forms of health care. Now, the only priority for the NHS is to inoculate two million people every week, starting with healthcare workers and the most elderly….


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