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00:00 We are in the midst of a societal GreatReset like the change from agrarian decentralized societies to industrialized nation states. Major political instability around the world. LA Mayor works with Davos to prepare for delivery by drone b/c travel restrictions will NOT be lifted… no movement ZERO VMT (vehicle miles traveled), punishment of NJ gym owner — all money confiscated w/o due process — a FalseFlag pandemic for RedFlag confiscation; Gates largest owner of farmland now

40:42 A top priority is to spend $20 billion to speed up vaccines, and to make them free to everybody regardless of their immigration status.

1:06:47 Trump signed bill to give Gates’ GAVI $4BILLION; now he asks Congress to remove the money

1:25:47 China arrests people who attended “ZOOM church”. The pattern of tyranny is established in China, then followed globally. So when they tell you it’s not important to have in-person political or religious meetings, just do it with Zoom — here’s where that is headed.

1:38:16 The last (and only) President to get the US out of debt was Andrew Jackson 186 years ago. Within a couple of weeks there was an assassination attempt on his life. Now with global cashless society, bankers are close to making sure no one owns anything — but them as they draw up plans to come after Bitcoin as well

2:06:10 They’re not just masking us — they’re gagging us online. What platforms are people moving to where they can at least speak freely online?

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