Complete Guide to FreeBirth

The Complete Guide to Free Birth is a self guided online intensive course that will teach you everything you need to know about how to birth freely and in your power.

How would it feel to know in the deepest core of your being, that you have the power to give birth to your baby blissfully at home?

What if you felt so knowledgeable and secure about your birth, that the success of your freebirth or home birth seemed inevitable?

Imagine understanding the science and physiology of birth so well that you felt safe knowing when a complication might warrant further action or medical attention?

Even better, how would you feel if you had the ability to avoid or prevent complications before they even occur?

Our guess is that this kind of confidence leading up to your homebirth or freebirth would be transformational.

Does the slightest negative comment from a friend could fill you with doubt, fear, and insecurity?

Imagine the freedom of possessing the language and the knowledge to articulate WHY your birth choices are the best for you—as well as having the self-assurance to ignore the naysayers, secure in the knowledge that you’re making the right decisions for you and your baby?

Suddenly, the friends and family who keep telling you your choices and desires are dangerous wouldn’t have the same influence—their opinions won’t even bother you anymore.

You and your baby deserve this the freedom and peace that freebirth offers. But, while you might have read all the popular home birth books, and you may follow all the natural birth accounts on instagram, without a comprehensive foundation of understanding birth physiology for what it is, and why freebirth specifically can support the physiology of birth (not to mention having a blueprint for how to get there), the path can be a tricky one.

Especially when doctors and even some midwives say that giving birth outside of the hospital system is dangerous, it’s hard not to have major doubts.

Obviously, you want what’s best for your baby. 

But you have a feeling that the hospital might not actually be the safest place for you to give birth.

But is giving birth at home a choice you can really feel comfortable with?

You’re hungry not only for information, but for specific strategies on how to manage fear, what to really expect, and how to create an actionable plan.

And like so many women, you might be wondering how to get your partner on-board with your deep desire to have a beautiful, peaceful home birth.

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