CAUGHT: The Same Election Fraud We Identified in November Took Place Last Night in Georgia Senate Race As Well

We caught them. More election fraud last night in Georgia. The fraud was observed. We were right all along.

Today Dr. John Eastman was on with Rudy Giuliani at the ‘Stop the Steal Rally’ in Washington DC.

Dr Eastman shared the following:

…The old way was to have a bunch of ballots sitting on a box on the floor and when you needed more you pulled them out in the dark of night.  They put those ballots in a secret folder in the machines, sitting there waiting until they know how many they needed… “

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Dr. Eastman went on to share that the machine then matches the un-voted ballots with the un-voted voter and put them together in the machine.  Eastman concludes:

We saw it happen in real time last night and it happened on November 3rd as well.”

We reported that the election fraud was massive in the November 2020 election and we reported it was done in the machines:

We knew the election fraud in November was in the millions.  Last night the method used to steal the election for Democrats was confirmed in Georgia.

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