The ADL’s Police State Spying on American Citizens circa 1993

Date: Jun 14, 1993, 3:46:40 PM

At the end of this message is a list of some of the computer files seized by the San Francisco Police Department from Roy Bullock, a longtime investigator for the ADL. This is the list of organizations Bullock classified as “Pinko”. It is exactly in the form released by the SF District Attorney – misspellings and all. If you’ve ever been involved in progressive politics, chances are you’ll find some organization you belong to now or belonged to in the past on the list. And even if you haven’t been active at all, take a peek. (Did you study at UC Berkeley’s Near Eastern Studies department? Gotcha!).

Roy Bullock concentrated mainly on people and organizations in California. He is based in San Francisco. (He’s still being paid by the ADL, despite confessing to the sale of information about anti-apartheid activists to agents of the South African government). The ADL has admitted to employing investigators like Bullock in at least six other major cities around the US.

If you think you personally might have been spied on, write a letter to the San Francisco police asking for any files on you. A sample letter appears below, courtesy of the Center for Constitutional Rights.
Yigal Arens

Roy Bullock’s “Pinko” Files:

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Tackling the Infrastructure and Unemployment Crises: The “American System” Solution

A self-funding national infrastructure bank modeled on the “American System” of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt would help solve not one but two of the country’s biggest problems.

Millions of Americans have joined the ranks of the unemployed, and government relief checks and savings are running out; meanwhile, the country still needs trillions of dollars in infrastructure. Putting the unemployed to work on those infrastructure projects seems an obvious solution, especially given that the $600 or $700 stimulus checks Congress is planning on issuing will do little to address the growing crisis. Various plans for solving the infrastructure crisis involving public-private partnerships have been proposed, but they’ll invariably result in private investors reaping the profits while the public bears the costs and liabilities. We have relied for too long on private, often global, capital, while the Chinese run circles around us building infrastructure with credit simply created on the books of their government-owned banks.

Earlier publicly-owned U.S. national banks and U.S. Treasuries pulled off similar feats, using what Sen. Henry Clay, U.S. statesman from 1806 to 1852, named the “American System” – funding national production simply with “sovereign” money and credit. They included the First (1791-1811) and Second (1816-1836) Banks of the United States, President Lincoln’s federal treasury and banking system, and President Franklin Roosevelt’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) (1932-1957). Chester Morrill, former Secretary of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, wrote of the RFC:

[I]t became apparent almost immediately, to many Congressmen and Senators, that here was a device which would enable them to provide for activities that they favored for which government funds would be required, but without any apparent increase in appropriations. . . . [T]here need be no more appropriations and its activities could be enlarged indefinitely, as they were, almost to fantastic proportions. [emphasis added]

Even the Federal Reserve with its “quantitative easing” cannot fund infrastructure without driving up federal expenditures or debt, at least without changes to the Federal Reserve Act. The Fed is not allowed to spend money directly into the economy or to lend directly to Congress. It must go through the private banking system and its “primary dealers.” The Fed can create and pay only with “reserves” credited to the reserve accounts of banks. These reserves are a completely separate system from the deposits circulating in the real producer/consumer economy; and those deposits are chiefly created by banks when they make loans. (See the Bank of England’s 2014 quarterly report here.) New liquidity gets into the real economy when banks make loans to local businesses and individuals; and in risky environments like that today, banks are not lending adequately even with massive reserves on their books.

A publicly-owned national infrastructure bank, on the other hand, would be mandated to lend into the real economy; and if the loans were of the “self funding” sort characterizing most infrastructure projects (generating fees to pay off the loans), they would be repaid, canceling out the debt by which the money was created. That is how China built 12,000 miles of high-speed rail in a decade: credit created on the books of government-owned banks was advanced to pay for workers and materials, and the loans were repaid with profits from passenger fees.

Unlike the QE pumped into financial markets, which creates asset bubbles in stocks and housing, this sort of public credit mechanism is not inflationary. Credit money advanced for productive purposes balances the circulating money supply with new goods and services in the real economy. Supply and demand rise together, keeping prices stable. China increased its money supply by nearly 1800% over 24 years (from 1996 to 2020) without driving up price inflation, by increasing GDP in step with the money supply.

HR 6422, The National Infrastructure Bank Act of 2020

A promising new bill for a national infrastructure bank modeled on the RFC and the American System, H.R. 6422, was filed by Rep. Danny Davis, D-Ill., in March. The National Infrastructure Bank of 2020 (NIB) is projected to create $4 trillion or more in bank credit money to rebuild the nation’s rusting bridges, roads, and power grid; relieve traffic congestion; and provide clean air and water, new schools, high-speed rail and affordable housing. It will do this while generating up to 25 million jobs paying union-level wages. The bill would provide flexible, lowest-cost financing to state and local governments and projects a net profit to the federal government of $80 billion per year. The bill also provides for substantial investment in “disadvantaged communities,” those defined by persistent poverty.

The NIB is designed to be a true depository bank, giving it the perks of those institutions for leverage and liquidity, including the ability to borrow at the Fed’s discount window without penalty at 0.25% interest (almost interest-free). According to Alphecca Muttardy, a former macroeconomist for the International Monetary Fund and chief economist on the 2020 NIB team, the NIB will create the $4 trillion it lends simply as deposits on its books, as the Bank of England attests all depository banks do. For liquidity to cover withdrawals, the NIB can either borrow from the Fed at 0.25% or issue and sell bonds….

Disastercrat Banksters Plan Purge of Deplorable Opinion

Look at the economies of blue cities and you see a definite pattern of disaster and decay, but not just by accident, incompetence or isolated corruption: this is a business model, disaster capitalism on steroids. The idea is to render grassroots society and economics so dysfunctional that people are forced to rely on a shrinking pie of “welfare” dispensed at profit from the corporate-government complex and cooperate with the inevitable controls that come with it.   The disastercrats NEED poverty, they need broken families, kids that can’t read, foreign refugees from western military and financial terrorism, because they aren’t trying to nurture a rising middle class, they’re trying to create a plantation of dependent serfs.  Anyone seeking an alternative to centralized control and harvesting is a “racist” or a “domestic terrorist”. This is fascism, obviously.

Mind Control on the Left

Disaster socialism and the Cloward-Piven Strategy

Anthony Sutton: Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler and Communism

Democrats seek to institutionalize election fraud

The fraud in this past election was massive, the worst ever in recorded history, but it is nothing when compared to what the Democrat (Communist) Party has in store for the future of the USA and the world.

In their first act, this Congress led by true communists apparently, is ready to pass a bill allowing all future elections in the USA to be run exactly the same as any communist regime in history.

The Populist Press is reporting the first bill put together by this Pelosi-led Congress will eliminate free and fair elections forever.  Fraud will be the mandate and Democrats, the kings of fraud, will win every election henceforth.  The bill is labeled by the Communist Democrats – “For the People Act of 2021“….

DNC Admits and Asserts Right to Rig Primary for Clinton and Wins in Court

Writers and Publishers Embrace Blacklisting In An Expanding American Anti-Free Speech Movement

Hundreds of publishing officials, professors, and academics have signed a petition to blacklist Trump administration alumni from receiving book deals.  It is the latest step in a rapidly expanding anti-free speech movement in the United States. In the wake of the Capitol riot, Democratic members and others are calling for a crackdown on free speech and punitive actions for those viewed as complicit with Trump. What is striking is how censorship, blacklists, and speech controls are being repackaged as righteous and virtuous. Indeed, the failure to sign such anti-free speech screeds is a precarious choice for many.  It is as easy as calling for tolerance through intolerance.  After all, why burn books if you can just effectively ban them?

We are coming out of the most divisive and consequential political period in modern history. Academics would ordinarily want to have insider accounts, even from those who are blamed for excesses or wrongdoing.  You did not have to like Nixon to want to read his account. This is part of the intellectual mission of our profession. However, academics are lining up to silence or bar access for anyone deemed a fellow traveler with Trump. They are seeking to purge books of opposing views or accounts. The letter describes a blacklisting of anyone deemed to have “enabled, promulgated, and covered up crimes against the American people.”…

Lawsuits Against Medical Tyranny

In this interview with Spiro Skouras, Dr. Pam Popper outlines new legal strategies in play to challenge government responses to the “Pandemic”. Rather than claiming violations of Constitutional rights, the lawsuits are contesting the validity of the declaration of pandemic itself, and requiring officials to provide evidence that justifies labeling the virus outbreak as an “emergency”.

Popper also outlines avenues for public action, as these challenges need to be made at local/state levels. We don’t have to just sit here and take it.

The Lawsuit That Could End Covid-1984 with Dr. Pam Popper

Popper references Tom Renz and his work in Ohio. Here’s an interview with him by John Rappoport

Special Solari Report: Covid-19: Ohio Stands Up – Jon Rappoport Interviews Attorney Tom Renz

Malthusian Brainwashing

This is Part 1 of a brilliant 3-part series by Matthew Ehret that explains and explores the history of the false dualism facing us today. He uses the Keynes/Hayek conflict as the center of his analysis, to wit: “these two fundamentally anti-republican ideologues whose lives were each devoted to the hereditary systems of empire constructed a widely publicized debate that asserted two opposing economic theories”. 

Using this as a springboard, he goes back to the development of the “American System” and the continuous assaults upon it by the Oligarchs and social engineers, and lays out the backdrop for the efforts underway today steer us toward a Neo-feudal global order.

The great experiment of America’s balancing act between governance and personal sovereignty is in the cross-hairs. From part 3, “… Plato revealed that societies are controlled through dualisms that cause its targets to slip from one extreme to the other in an endless cycle. This vacillation will forever occur on the condition that the people remain ignorant of a fundamental paradox, i.e.: the co-existence of, on the one hand, freedom-loving individuality and, on the other hand, our obligation to participate within a larger social unit and even a higher moral law. ” 

Ehret provides valuable links  for drilling deeper into the issues at hand here, well worth bookmarking for future reference.

How an Austrian and British Malthusian Brainwashed a Generation of Americans

Part 2 here

Part 3  here



Health Workers and Emergency Responders Offered Incentives to Get COVID-19 Vaccines

Some frontline health care and emergency response workers are being offered financial and other types of incentives to get the experimental COVID-19 vaccines being distributed under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).1 There are media reports that many workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic are refusing to get a COVID-19 shot. 2 3 4 5 6 Some employers are offering both monetary and non-monetary compensation as an incentive to get vaccinated.7

There were indications in the fall of 2020 that health care workers on the frontline of treating COVID-19 patients were not planning to get a COVID-19 shot. According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in September 2020, only 63 percent of health care personnel reported that they would be likely to get a COVID-19 vaccine.8 The American Nurses Foundation reported in October 2020 that 36 percent of nurses’ surveyed said they would not get the COVID-19 vaccine.9

Cash Payments Offered to Encourage COVID-19 Vaccination

Media reports show that employers around the country are offering workers on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic a range of incentives to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Marc Boom, MD, CEO of Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas told the hospital’s 26,000 employees that they would receive a $500 bonus but only if they fulfilled certain eligibility criteria. He said, “Eligibility criteria to receive the award include getting a COVID-19 vaccination, fulfilling our obligation as health care workers to lead the community,”10

Los Angeles Students Will Be Required to Get COVID-19 Vaccine After FDA Approval for Use in Children

Austin Beutner, the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in California said the district would require its students to get a COVID-19 vaccine once it is available for school-aged children.1

Two experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines,, Pfizer/BioNTech’s BNT162b2 and Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccines, have been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, both vaccines have only been tested in subjects over the age of 16.2

COVID-19 Vaccine May Become a Routine Vaccine for School Enrollment

Beutner noted that in the event that a COVID-19 vaccine is approved for school aged children, a COVID-19 vaccine requirement to attend school would be no different than the current mandatory routine vaccinations for students.3 He said:

A COVID-19 vaccine requirement would be no different than students who are vaccinated for measles or mumps or tested for tuberculosis before they come on campus. That’s the best way we know to keep all on the campus safe.4

This is first acknowledgement from the superintendent of a major school system that the COVID-19 vaccine is likely to be added to the list of vaccines required for school enrollment.5