Links to over 200 articles on 2020 presidential election theft

Something you can show your MSM-entrained friends.   Current as of Jan 14th.   Probably some chaff in here since it was just a brute force search for articles after 11/3 with subjects containing any of the words:


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2020-11-04 Zerohedge: Latest On The Election
2020-11-04 Windows Boarded Up at Detroit Absentee Ballot Counting Center
2020-11-05 Ballot Count Watcher Describes At Least 130,000 Ballots ALL FOR BIDEN Arriving in Three Vehicles in Detroit in Dead of Night
2020-11-05 Gab: The Big List of Voter Fraud News
2020-11-05 Statistician Announces Investigation into Voter Fraud in AZ, GA, MI, NC, NV, PA, and WI
2020-11-05 OUTRAGEOUS: Attorney General Bill Barr Remains Silent on Election Fraud
2020-11-05 Twitter Censors Tweet of Democrat Election Observer Calling out Election Fraud in Philly (Video)
2020-11-05 The Democrats’ 7-Step Strategy to Win the Election Using Vote-by-Mail Chaos
2020-11-05 U.S. Postal Worker Caught With Stolen Ballots At Canadian Border
2020-11-06 Poll Watcher Kicked Out of Detroit Hall But Not Before They Obtained Evidence of Potential Fraud
2020-11-06 Graphs Show Late-Night Biden Mail-In Ballot Bailout In Wisconsin And Michigan
2020-11-06 The 2020 election: fuckery is afoot
2020-11-06 Biden Takes Lead In Georgia At 4AM From Mail-In Ballots, Three Days After Election
2020-11-06 Smith: As I Predicted In July, 2020 Election Will Be Contested
2020-11-06 CISA Invests in Cutting-Edge Election Security Auditing Tool Ahead of 2020 Elections
2020-11-06 Software ‘Glitch’ In Michigan Erroneously Gave 1000s Of Votes To Biden; Up To 47 Counties Compromised
2020-11-06 Facebook Censors Massive Pro-Trump Group Protesting “Widespread Ballot Fraud”
2020-11-06 Retired Intel Operative Tony Shaffer: President Trump Will Win The Election; Legitimate Ballots Were Marked
2020-11-06 Governor Whitmer Pushes to Criminalize Refusing to Wear a Mask in Michigan
2020-11-06 Dr. Steve Pieczenik: “We watermarked every ballot with a QFS blockchain encryption code”
2020-11-06 Steve Pieczenik: Legitimate Ballots were Watermarked
2020-11-06 Software Used in Michigan County that Stole 6,000 Votes from Trump Is Also Used in ALL SWING STATES — And Uses Chinese Computer Parts In Its Machines
2020-11-07 Infowars 11/06 post election coverage
2020-11-07 SGT: Stolen Election: Total Fraud, Easily Proven
2020-11-07 Mathematical Evidence the Election Was Stolen
2020-11-07 GoFundMe Nukes Donation Page For Voter Fraud Investigation
2020-11-08 Mail Ballot Fraud Is A Feature Not a Bug Of Global Reset
2020-11-08 Pallets full of Ballots
2020-11-08 Sidney Powell & Thomas McInerney re software designed to steal elections
2020-11-08 GWP List of Suspected Fraud Issues in 2020 Election Sorted by State with Recommended Actions on How to Address
2020-11-08 Biden Using SCORECARD & THE HAMMER software to Steal Another U.S. Presidential Election — Just Like Obama & Biden Did In 2012
2020-11-09 Memory lane: Fake 2016 Election Polls Showed Which Media are Establishment Propaganda Outlets
2020-11-09 Obama the Blackmailer Has the Keys to Election Software, Justice Roberts, Many Others
2020-11-10 Undercover Reporter Records Vote Theft Training Session in Detroit
2020-11-10 Mass voter fraud occurred in Detroit, new lawsuit alleges
2020-11-10 Biden Got 100% Of Vote Dumps In Wisconsin, Michigan During Late Night Vote Counting
2020-11-10 Kayleigh McEnany & Others Testify that Democrats Committed Election Fraud against President Trump
2020-11-10 Analysis Finds Over 10,000 Dead People Returned Mail-In Ballots in Michigan
2020-11-10 Project Veritas Releases Shocking Recordings of Federal Agents Trying to Intimidate USPS Whistleblower Into Recanting Election Fraud Claim
2020-11-10 MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting Systems
2020-11-10 Analysis of Election Night Data from All States Shows MILLIONS OF VOTES Either Switched from President Trump to Biden or Were Lost — Using Dominion and Other Systems
2020-11-10 Dems Committed Election Treason – Journalist Alex Newman

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How an ethanol plant is dangerously polluting a village in Nebraska

For the residents of Mead, Nebraska, the first sign of something amiss was the stench, the smell of something rotting. People reported eye and throat irritation and nosebleeds. Then colonies of bees started dying, birds and butterflies appeared disoriented and pet dogs grew ill, staggering about with dilated pupils.

There is no mystery as to the cause of the concerns in Mead, a farming community so small that its 500 residents refer to it as a village and not a town.

After multiple complaints to state and federal officials and an inquiry by a researcher from the University of Nebraska, all evidence points to what should be an unlikely culprit – an ethanol plant that, like many others around the United States, turns corn into biofuel.

The company, called AltEn, is supposed to be helpful to the environment, using high-starch grains such as corn to annually churn out about 25m gallons of ethanol, a practice regulators generally hail as an environmentally friendly source for auto fuel. Ethanol plants typically also produce a byproduct called distillers grains to sell as nutritious livestock feed.

But unlike most of the other 203 US ethanol plants, AltEn has been using seed coated with fungicides and insecticides, including those known as neonicotinoids, or “neonics”, in its production process.

Company officials have advertised AltEn as a “recycling” location where agricultural companies can rid themselves of excess supplies of pesticide-treated seeds, a strategy that gave AltEn free supplies for its ethanol, but also left it with a waste product too pesticide-laden to feed to animals…

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What’s the difference between a politician, a Luciferian & a psychopath?

“The Cult” puts its own blackmailed, bribed and threatened mind-control slaves into positions of power. This is how they control industries and governments. The Rockefeller Foundation has for years insinuated its people into every corporation, every government agency, every position of power, everywhere.

This is why we need term limits. This is why we need to hire shy professors and business people with stellar morals. This is why we need to “vet” everyone who runs for any city, county, state or federal office. We need to make sure they at least have a birth certificate that says, “made in the USA”. We need to administer tests to all wannabee politicians that ferret out those with psychopathic tendencies. And last but not least, we need to ensure honest elections. No cheaters allowed.

Twenty years ago, a newspaper headline asked the question, “What’s the difference between a politician and a psychopath?” The answer, then and now, remains the same: None. In my opinion, there is no difference between psychopaths and politicians. Nor is there much of a difference between the havoc wreaked on innocent lives by uncaring, unfeeling, selfish, irresponsible, parasitic criminals and elected officials who lie to their constituents, trade political favors for campaign contributions, turn a blind eye to the wishes of the electorate, cheat taxpayers out of hard-earned dollars, favor the corporate elite, entrench the military-industrial complex, and spare little thought for the impact their thoughtless actions and hastily passed legislation might have on defenseless citizens.

Psychopaths and politicians both have a tendency to be selfish, callous, remorseless users of others, irresponsible, pathological liars, glib, con artists, lacking in remorse, and shallow. Charismatic politicians, like criminal psychopaths, exhibit a failure to accept responsibility for their actions, have a high sense of self-worth, are chronically unstable, have socially deviant lifestyles, need constant stimulation, have parasitic lifestyles, and possess unrealistic goals.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about Democrats or Republicans. Political psychopaths are all largely cut from the same pathological cloth, brimming with seemingly easy charm and boasting calculating minds. Such leaders eventually create pathocracies—totalitarian societies bent on power, control, and destruction of both freedom in general and those who exercise their freedoms. Once psychopaths gain power, the result is usually some form of totalitarian government or a pathocracy. “At that point, the government operates against the interests of its own people except for favoring certain groups,” author James G. Long notes.

In other words, electing a psychopath to public office is tantamount to national hara-kiri, the ritualized act of self-annihilation, self-destruction, and suicide. It signals the demise of democratic government and lays the groundwork for a totalitarian regime that is legalistic, militaristic, inflexible, intolerant, and inhuman. So why do we keep doing it over and over again?

Incredibly, despite clear evidence of the damage that has already been inflicted on our nation and its citizens by psychopathic government officials, voters continue to elect psychopaths to positions of power and influence. Indeed, there’s a reason that Washington, D.C.—the nation’s capital—ranks highest on the list of regions that are populated by psychopaths. When our own government no longer sees us as human beings with dignity and worth but as things to be manipulated, maneuvered, mined for data, manhandled by police, conned into believing it has our best interests at heart, mistreated, jailed if we dare step out of line, and then punished unjustly without remorse—all the while refusing to own up to its failings—we are no longer operating under a constitutional republic…

The goal of the modern corporate state is obvious: to promote, cultivate, and embed a sense of shared identification among its citizens. To this end, “we the people” have become “we the police state.” We are fast becoming slaves…


As Biden Prepares To Wage War On NRA, Gun Sales Erupt

President-elect Joe Biden declared last week that he would “defeat” the National Rifle Association (NRA) while in office. The war on the NRA by Democrats will start in six days when Biden becomes president, which means the Second Amendment to the US Constitution will be under the greatest assault in its existence, according to Just The News.

Biden’s official Twitter account last Friday, responded to former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.), who was wounded in a shooting rampage in Tucson in 2011, said:

“I pledge to continue to work with you – and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country—to defeat the NRA and end our epidemic of gun violence.”

What’s coming down the pipe under a Biden presidency are likely bans on the manufacture and sale of so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. People could even be limited to the number of firearms and ammo they can buy in a given period. …

Brzezinski: It is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them

Fast & Furious Shows that US Torture Elite Will Kill for Disarmament

Staged Massacres: Important Links

Reprise: DHS “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women

Pilger: The Long Secret Alliance: Uncle Sam and Pol Pot

Delta Puts Utah Patriots Who Confronted Mitt Romney at the Airport on No-Fly List

Delta put the patriots who heckled RINO Senator Mitt Romney at Salt Lake City airport on their no-fly list, Fox 13 reported.

Romney was confronted by Utah patriots en route to DC last Tuesday, ahead of the Stop the Steal protests.

Prior to boarding, a woman walked up and confronted him while filming the encounter. Before she could even get a word out, the senator barked at her to put her mask on.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” the brave patriot responded.


TRENDING: CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Antifa Protester John Sullivan Brags About Posing As Trump Supporter, Breaking Window At US Capitol Building During Riots

“Why aren’t you supporting President Trump?” she asked.

“You didn’t even support him in the election,” she said.

“No, I did not,” Romney responded.

“Why not?” she asked.

“For reasons I explained at the time,” Romney said.

As Romney got on the plane, a chant of “traitor” broke out after a woman yelled for the passengers to let him know what they think.

“We want to know your connection to Burisma and Joe Biden, Mitt Romney,” a woman shouted. “You don’t listen to your constituents!”

So now any peasant who dares question an elected lawmaker will be placed on a no-fly list.

Was he really elected?   Like biden was?   There’s no way to know.

WHO warns second year of fighting Covid-19 could be ‘even tougher’ than the first

Ongoing transmission dynamics show the world needs to brace for an even tougher year of fighting Covid-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned, while the disease has turned into the “perfect storm” in Europe and the US.

“We are going into a second year of this, it could even be tougher given the transmission dynamics and some of the issues that we are seeing,” WHO’s Health Emergencies chief, Mike Ryan, said during a Q&A session broadcast online on Wednesday.

Following a drop in new cases reported over the holiday season, the numbers are “picking up” again – and the overall picture does not look particularly promising, the senior official admitted.

Ryan’s words were echoed by Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead for its Health Emergencies Programme. “After the holidays, in some countries the situation will get a lot worse before it gets better,” she warned. …

Uhm, ok, but what about all the insects?   Some of them bite, and all of them are  dirty.   And what about the asteroids circling menacingly over our heads?   What are we going to do about them?   CO2?  And subversive ideas like human rights and informed consent and skepticism of the scamdemic?   They’re giving aid and comfort to the enemy which is sure to make them even infectious.

Oh well, when everyone is starving in the streets I guess it won’t matter.


Biden Taps Blood-soaked Samantha Power to Head USAID

On Wednesday, Joe Biden announced that he will nominate Samantha Power to head the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Power served as ambassador to the UN for President Obama from 2013 to 2017. Before that, she worked on Obama’s National Security Council, where she played an instrumental role in pushing for US intervention in Libya in 2011.

Power argued in favor of US intervention in Libya under the guise of protecting human rights and preventing genocide. She was joined in her crusade by then-Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Susan Rice, who served as the UN ambassador at the time.

Reports from 2011 say the pressure from Power, Rice, and Clinton is what led Obama to intervene militarily in Libya, even though his other top advisors were against it. Then-Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates would later say that in a “51 to 49” decision, Obama decided to bomb Libya.

The US-NATO intervention in Libya that led to the brutal murder of former Libyan ruler Moammar Gaddafi was an absolute disaster. Destabilizing Libya turned the country into a haven for al-Qaeda-linked militants, resulted in targeted killings of black Africans, sparked a refugee crisis in North Africa, and even led to the creation of slave markets.

It seems very few people get that the libya operation was a resounding success for the interests that promoted it.   The world really is controlled by disaster capitalists who have found every way imaginable to profit from human suffering.    Libya was a boon for the arms industry, the human trafficking industry, the banking industry, the food industry, water … pretty much any industry denominated in human meat or human needs.    Not to mention the wholesale auctioning of the country for pennies on the dollar.

Disaster capitalists hate social and economic stability, the rate of return is way too slow for them.   That’s why they inhabit the stratospheric realms of the financial world.   It’s also why their philosophy is satanism.

Organ Harvesting of Syrian Refugees

Syrian and Immigrant Children Fodder for Organ Harvesting Industry

Clinton-Silsby Child Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Covered It Up

MI Judge Orders Dem Sec of State To Release All Communications With Dominion, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google

The fight in Michigan to expose what really happened in the November 2020 election is far from over.

The morning after the election, in a solidly red county in northern Michigan where Trump banners, flags, and yard signs can be found in almost every front yard, voters woke up to discover Joe Biden had walloped President Trump in the November 3rd general election. Upon further examination, it was discovered that 6,000 votes tabulated by Dominion Voting machines were flipped from Donald J. Trump to Joe Biden. The media called it a “glitch” and blamed it on human error—the American public was stunned and demanded that lawmakers look into this and other voter irregularities popping up in multiple critical swing states….

Proof that the pandemic was planned with a purpose

Just a little excerpt – lots more at link below.

Millions of COVID-19 test kits
sold in 2017 and 2018

As we know the new COVID-19 disease appeared in China towards the end of 2019. Therefore it was named COVID-19 which is an acronym for Corona Virus Disease 2019. Data from the World Integrated Trade Solution, however, shows something astonishing:
in 2017 and 2018 – two years before COVID-19 – hundreds of millions of test kits for COVID-19 were distributed worldwide.

Covid-19 test kits exported in 2017. Click to enlarge

‘Quick! Hide it!!’

This baffling data was discovered by someone on September 5, 2020, who posted it on social media. The next day it went viral all over the world. On September 6 the WITS suddenly changed the original designation ‘COVID-19’ into the vague term ‘Medical Test Kits’.
This is not allowed in trade, because you always have to be specific. There are many types of test kits for different diseases.
The fact that they removed the specification ‘COVID-19’, after this data became known worldwide, proves that they don’t want anyone to know about it. They however forgot to delete one detail: the product code for these ‘Medical Test Kits’ is 300215 which means: ‘COVID-19 Test Kits’ 

Their cover up came too late: this critical information was uncovered and is being revealed by millions worldwide. You can download a PDF that shows the original data of this website.

Two years before the outbreak of COVID-19 the USA, the EU, China and nations around the world started exporting millions of diagnostic test instruments for… COVID-19, a disease that supposedly didn’t even exist back then. 

The COVID-19 ‘project’ is planned until 2025

The World Bank shows that COVID-19 is a project that is planned to continue until… end of March 2025! So the intention is to continue it for another FIVE YEARS. (2C)

Fauci guaranteed a pandemic within the next two years

In 2017 Anthony Fauci made a very strange prediction, with an even stranger certainty. With complete confidence Fauci announced that during the first term of President Trump a surprise outbreak of an infectious disease would surely happen. Here’s what he said:

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