Trump Vetoes NDAA For Putting Interests of “DC Establishment” Over “The American People”

President Trump has vetoed the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act over its lack of action against Big Tech and push to remove Confederate names from some military bases.

Trump vetoed the $740 billion NDAA on Wednesday in part because it made no Section 230 changes to the Communications Decency Act that would strip Big Tech of its immunity.

“My Administration has taken strong actions to help keep our Nation safe and support our service members,” Trump wrote to the House of Representatives. “I will not approve this bill, which would put the interests of the Washington, D.C. establishment over those of the American people.

As for renaming military bases named after Confederate figures, Trump said: “I have been clear in my opposition to politically motivated attempts like this to wash away history and to dishonor the immense progress our country has fought for in realizing our founding principles.”

The bill will now head back to Congress, but it’s believed they have the votes to override Trump’s veto.

“The defense bill was approved in Congress with strong bipartisan support, passing in the House 335-78, and in the Senate 84-13 – making it likely Congress could override the president’s veto,” Fox News reported.

Trump had indicated he would veto the NDAA earlier this month, saying the ultimate beneficiary of the bill would be China.

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