MI: Charge filed in threats against election official involving photo of mutilated woman’s body

A woman has been charged with making threats against a Detroit-area Republican election official who received photos of a mutilated body a day after a clamorous meeting at which she initially refused to certify local results in favor of Joe Biden, authorities said Wednesday.

“You have made a grave mistake. I hope you realize that now,” Katelyn Jones said in a text message to Monica Palmer, a member of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, according to the FBI.

A criminal complaint against Jones was filed in federal court in Detroit. Jones has ties to Olivet, Michigan, according to her driver’s license, but the FBI said she sent the threats from New Hampshire where she was staying with her mother.

Jones admitted making the threats when interviewed by agents because she felt Palmer was “interfering with the election,” the FBI said in a court filing.

Jones was arrested Wednesday in New Hampshire. It wasn’t known if she has a lawyer who can comment on the case.

The threats included photos of a woman’s bloody body and references to Palmer’s daughter, the FBI said….


It will certainly be instructive to note whether the FBI or anyone else asks the obvious question of where the photo came from.   It’s not the kind of material that a 23 year old woman would be expected to have on hand.

People have no idea of the kind of monster that is looming over this country and preparing to pounce.

If biden is installed, we are totally and probably irrevocably screwed.

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