LISTEN: DOD insider caught on tape admitting that illegal ballots were offloaded from plane in Arizona

(Natural News) Kenneth Scott Koch, a member of the infamous Koch family, has been identified as the man in an audio recording who admitted that illegal ballots were dumped by plane in Arizona to “jade” the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden.

As reported by Patriotically Correct, which has a popular channel on Parler, Koch confessed during a phone conversation with several others that ballots were brought in by, in some cases, foreign airlines and sent to Las Vegas, Maricopa County (Phoenix), and other key areas to be tabulated along with the real ones.

One of the women on the call is heard asking what was sent because the manifest she received did not “show the loading of something on the plane.” She then asks “what was unloaded” from the plane, to which Koch responds that “ballots were unloaded from it, and they were shipped through UPS and FedEx here.”

“To somewhere else?” the woman responds.

“Las Vegas,” Koch says back to her, indicating that fraudulent ballots were sent to many strategic locations where election fraud was necessary to bring about a Biden “win.”

“I thought some of them went to the Maricopa County elections?” she then asks.

“No, most of them went to Las Vegas … with our government agencies, we don’t need to pay anybody,” he responds.

The banter goes back and forth for a while, and much of the conversation is hard to discern. There is talk about the “three-percenters” being a “good group,” along with other questioning about the nature of the election. At one point during the conversation, one of the women asks flat-out if the ballots on the airplane were “in favor of Biden,” to which Koch responds with confirmation.

You can listen to the conversation in full at the below link from


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