Hospitals overwhelmed by flu deaths year after year, until this year

Either search on the www for “hospitals overwhelmed by flu deaths” (before December 31, 2019) – or just follow this link below and see the results Google returned for that search. Compliments of Investment Watch.

Miraculously, deaths from flu, heart disease, pneumonia and such are down, while “Covid” deaths are up. A bonus of $13,000 is given those institutions that handle a “Covid” patient, while a $39,000 bonus is given to those institutions that use a ventilator on a “Covid” patient. So it seems that flu patients have become “Covid” patients.

The word “spirit” means breath and you only hold your breath when you are afraid. Fear is the real product in this campaign. The more you hold your breath, the more you deprive your body and soul of life. Please remember to breathe and be not afraid. Fill your mind and heart with happy memories, happy thoughts, happy movies. “Happiness is the solution.”

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