This is what the miserable bloodsucking satanic cults don’t want us to know: the supreme power of joy and love and beauty and our connection with, nay our IDENTITY with the divine. Like oak saplings, we are all made in our creator’s image, and we all have direct subliminal emotional ties with the divine and with each other.      Very simple and powerful ideas that Christianity definitely gets right. That’s why satanic slaves  hate it, because it’s a power they can’t control, only mask and muzzle behind manipulable  institutions such as the vatican.   And it’s so easy to spot a satanic agenda: they’re always based on fear and division.

Our rights and power come from the creator, and we co-create with him/her.     We are all one, different saplings seeded from the same tree.    Metaphor, replication and variations on a theme is what nature is all about, after all.  Think of it as a kind of spiritual anarchism, a metaphysical declaration of human dignity.    Not at all conducive to slavery.

If you doubt the existence of spirit, look in the mirror and ask how you got the faith in your own existence that you take for granted, that you now presume to question.   Who stole your precious entropy?   If you were unconscious, in what way would your mind still exist?   Why can’t such information map itself onto a different non-locally-connected substrate?   Is information really bound at all?  Which chemical is asking these questions?  Does it matter if a miracle thinks it’s a random pile of chemicals?   Do systems of sequential chemical and energy flows comprise the entirety of reality?    How would you know?   Godel seems to think you wouldn’t.

Of course if you’ve experienced telepathy, precognition, haunting  and/or astral projection, all these questions are moot.    Spirit is as real as the nose on your face, and faith is just its conscious knowledge of its own existence.    Christianity is among the most advanced expressions of such knowledge, the foundation of the renaissance, enlightenment and the freedoms that we’ve come to take for granted, which the cancerous satanic parasite seeks to reorganize in its own image.

Like this flash mob, we are invisible and everywhere, and  just beneath the surface, our love is reaching and entwining to sprout a new world.   When it hears itself, its faith will reawaken.

Satan the terrible dunce emperor will just have to get over it.

Iceman Tapes: Inside the Mind of a Mafia Hitman

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