Cop exposes free masonry in the police department

I’m not sure I agree with his opinion about our current President, but I do agree that many presidents in the past – especially since JFK’s death – have all the earmarks of being in “the brotherhood”. If the man in the White House now was in that club, then he wouldn’t be hunting down the criminal cabal that traffics children and steals elections in countries all over the world.

Keep in mind while watching this man speak, that he was never a high-level Mason… and that a shift occurs when people reach the higher degrees – they are told who the real god of Freemasonry is… and it ain’t your God or mine. The highest authorities in the organization do not have goodness for you and me in their hearts… they are obliged to obey their god who truly is Lucifer. Luciferians consider Satanists to be beneath them – their foot soldiers.  If you meet a Freemason who swears that masonry is just a harmless social club, you have met someone who is very low on the totem pole – or is simply trying to cover for the cabal.

The entire organization is shrouded in secrecy and requires members to take vows of secrecy under threat of horrific torture and death. Their vows are to obey their superiors in the organization… and that is why it is so dangerous to hold Freemasonry above commitments to family, country and your own ethics and moral standards.

For more information about the connections between Freemasonry and governments and other areas of life, See Cathy O’Brien’s book Tranceformation of America, for his books on ritual childhood abuse and for her free ebook.

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