Congressman-Elect Passes Away from COVID at 41; Louisiana Republican Was to Be Sworn in Next Week

Congressman-elect Luke Letlow (R-LA) passed away Tuesday from the COVID-19 China coronavirus according to his campaign manager Andrew Bautsch. Letlow, 41, was due to be sworn in next week in Washington, D.C. as part of the 117th Congress after winning a runoff election on December 5.

Letlow announced on December 18 he had tested positive for the virus. He is survived by his wife Julia and two children.

It’s very strange for a 41 year old to die of covid.   Given the level of lying coming out of the CDC, following his doctors’ recommendations is probably what got him killed.   It’s probably safe to say they didn’t try vitamin D, intravenous C, zinc, HCQ or ivermectin because he was under the “care” of american medicine.

I have no idea what his political platform was, but freshman republicans often make waves at first, at least until they’re sexually seduced and blackmailed by the “deep state”.   But covid has put us in a situation where such labor intensive methods aren’t always needed: unwitting medical staff can be recruited to “diagnose” and kill chosen troublemakers simply by using PCR and following “standards of practice”.   Apparently witting medical staff can even be found:

Covid-19 Patients Being Purposefully Murdered, Says Whistleblower Nurse

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