Another Security Tape of Fraudulent Ballot Counting in Georgia: Officials Busted at State Vote-Farm Arena

All of the data anomalies. The election irregularities. The voting machine insecurity.

The missing flash drives. The found flash drives. The lost Trump votes. The gained Democrat votes. Biden’s improbable wins in swing state cities. The avalanche of suspect mail-in ballots. Dozens and dozens of eyewitness affidavits. The hundreds of pages of testimony. The mainstream media ignored all of it.

Then we got a surveillance video. Ho ho ho.

If you look *real* closely you can see obvious fraudulent behavior: Running thousands of ballots after all election observers and the press were sent home. Busted on security cam.

The time of the ballot dumps in Fulton County *correspond* to this smoking gun evidence of fraudulent ballots being counted in the middle of the night….

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