Deep State Hacks Inside White House Are Preventing Trump from Declassifying Damning Info that Will Help Him

Dear Honorable President Donald J. Trump,

It has come to our attention that despite your repeated Executive Orders to declassify all information concerning the plot to destroy your campaign and your Presidency, these orders are being blocked. As you know, as President, you have full authority to declassify this intelligence.

We understand that the Deep State, including people inside the White House and ostensibly on “your” side, are warning you not to do this and to keep the information from the public. They are betraying you. The claim that releasing the information would harm US National Security is a lie. The reality is that by releasing this information you will expose the dirty deeds of Americans and the foreign countries that have conspired to destroy you and end your Presidency.

We know some of what is contained in this intelligence. We know that it shows the role that intelligence operatives from the United Kingdom played in trying to destroy your chance to become President. We are given to understand that the evidence of foreign interference in the November Presidential Election is indisputable.

You must release this information, not just to save your Presidency, but to save and preserve the Republic. Your oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution is on the line.

We plead with you to ignore the worm tongues who surround you and work to undermine you. We are with you.

We the American people want transparency and the truth.  We beg you to release the information that will set us all free.

For the sake of your Presidency and our republic, please release the information Americans deserve to see.



Congressman-Elect Passes Away from COVID at 41; Louisiana Republican Was to Be Sworn in Next Week

Congressman-elect Luke Letlow (R-LA) passed away Tuesday from the COVID-19 China coronavirus according to his campaign manager Andrew Bautsch. Letlow, 41, was due to be sworn in next week in Washington, D.C. as part of the 117th Congress after winning a runoff election on December 5.

Letlow announced on December 18 he had tested positive for the virus. He is survived by his wife Julia and two children.

It’s very strange for a 41 year old to die of covid.   Given the level of lying coming out of the CDC, following his doctors’ recommendations is probably what got him killed.   It’s probably safe to say they didn’t try vitamin D, intravenous C, zinc, HCQ or ivermectin because he was under the “care” of american medicine.

I have no idea what his political platform was, but freshman republicans often make waves at first, at least until they’re sexually seduced and blackmailed by the “deep state”.   But covid has put us in a situation where such labor intensive methods aren’t always needed: unwitting medical staff can be recruited to “diagnose” and kill chosen troublemakers simply by using PCR and following “standards of practice”.   Apparently witting medical staff can even be found:

Covid-19 Patients Being Purposefully Murdered, Says Whistleblower Nurse

New Exposé Shows UK’s COVID Response was Rife with Corruption and Cronyism

The United States government’s COVID-19 policy response has proven rife with waste, fraud, and abuse at every turn. From $10 million for gender programs in Pakistan being tied to a COVID relief bill to the expanded unemployment system’s runaway corruption by fraudsters, American pandemic governance in 2020 has seemed like a never ending cycle of fiscal irresponsibility.

Yet a new exposé by the New York Times shows that the fraudulent and flawed nature of the US’s COVID response is not an outlier by any stretch.

According to the new investigative reporting, the United Kingdom’s COVID response was riddled with cronyism and corruption. The Times analyzed roughly 1,200 government contracts, worth $22 billion in sum, that were dolled out for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other pandemic-related purchases during the immediate aftermath of the outbreak. At least $11 billion—nearly half—went to suspicious contractors.

Roughly $5 billion went to companies with a clear connection to a politician. Nearly $6 billion went to companies with no prior experience in the goods they were contracted to produce, including jewellers and fashion designers. And more than $5 billion was given to companies with controversial pasts including alleged tax evasion, allegations of human rights violations, and more….

W.H.O. Says COVID is Just a Warm-Up

The World Health Organisation has warned that a worse pandemic than COVID could be around the corner and that what we’ve seen so far in 2020 is “not necessarily the big one”.

With global lockdowns, international stripping of freedoms, and the decimation of small businesses and the economy on the whole, it is difficult to imagine how it could get any worse.

Yet the WHO is predicting that could very well be the case.

The head of the WHO emergencies program, Dr Mike Ryan, said during a media briefing that “this pandemic has been very severe … it has affected every corner of this planet. But this is not necessarily the big one.”

“This is a wake-up call. We are learning, now, how to do things better: science, logistics, training and governance, how to communicate better. But the planet is fragile,” Ryan added.

“We live in an increasingly complex global society. These threats will continue. If there is one thing we need to take from this pandemic, with all of the tragedy and loss, is we need to get our act together. We need to honour those we’ve lost by getting better at what we do every day,” he continued.

Ryan also stated that despite the vaccine, the virus is set to become endemic, and will never go away.

“The likely scenario is the virus will become another endemic virus that will remain somewhat of a threat,” Ryan said.

Professor David Heymann, the chair of the WHO’s strategic and technical advisory group for infectious hazards, added that “it appears the destiny of SARS-CoV-2 [Covid-19] is to become endemic, as have four other human coronaviruses, and that it will continue to mutate as it reproduces in human cells, especially in areas of more intense admission.”

Elsewhere during the briefing, WHO chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan said that the roll out of vaccines does not mean social distancing or mask wearing can go away.

“I don’t believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that it’s going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on,” Swaminathan said.

The comments come after Swaminathan warned that the restrictive lockdown measures won’t let up until “the end of 2021” when “population immunity” is achieved.

“It’s going to take till the end of 2021 till we start seeing some level of population immunity coming up in some countries,” Swaminathan said last week.

As we reported two weeks ago, The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), based in Sweden, has found that the majority of nations across the globe have implemented COVID related restrictions that have severely eroded the liberties of their citizens.

The study revealed that 61 per cent of countries have used restrictions “that were concerning from a democracy and human rights perspective.”

‘These [restrictions] violated democratic standards because they were either disproportionate, illegal, indefinite or unnecessary in relation to the health threat,” the group declared in its report.

If a greater pandemic is coming, as the WHO promises, then it is clear to see that such erosions of freedom will be amped up even further, if the same pattern is followed.

Alleged Leak from Canadian Liberal Party “Strategic Planning Committee” Predicts “Covid-21”, NWO

Ontario Parliament Shuts down Reps questions about Proposed Internment Camps across Canada

Fearmongering by Gates Raises Question of Staged Bioattack in USA

WHO Redefined “Pandemic” to Benefit Big Pharma

Sidney Powell Lays Out Evidence of Rampant Election Fraud in Latest Interview (Audio)

Attorney Sidney Powell joined Todd Herman for a radio interview on Tuesday.

When asked about what her “Elevator Pitch” would be to the Supreme Court, she responded with undeniable truths.

Via Twitter user Murray:

The very night of the election many people saw something that they had never seen before in the history of our elections. They saw votes being changed on the screen in front of them, going from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden. On top of that, the morning after the election, even that night, the voting stopped. They stopped counting in multiple districts at the same time before the vote got to 270 electors for President Trump. That’s never happened before. The only time votes have ever stopped being counted in this country on election night was when the Broward County problem developed over Hanging Chad’s in one county in FL. So for FIVE states to stop counting on election night is absolutely UNPRECEDENTED. And they did it because the vote count for the electoral college was about to hit [+ go over] 270 for President Donald Trump, because of the massive outpouring of votes for him that night. By the next morning, multiple mathematicians had contacted me and told me they knew the algorithm that had been run to change the votes. It was that obvious to people with mathematical expertise. It is a mathematical impossibility for 100’s of thousands of votes to show up for VP Biden alone and to have been injected into the system the way that they were. We have eye-witness testimony of countless people who saw votes coming in, in unsecured containers and improper means and looking different the night of the election. These people have come forward at great personal risk to themselves & their families to provide thousands of affidavits of voting abnormalities and actual crimes that they witnessed happen on election night. The very fact that the other side is working so hard to hide all of this. Federal law requires transparency in our electoral process and our elections.”

There is a federal statute that requires all the documents pertaining to the election to be maintained for 22 months following an election, for the very reason that it has to be completely auditable. A Federal Judge in October [in ATL] found all kinds of problems w/ the Dominion system that GA bought and crammed down for everybody across the state to use. That’s where the most problems have been, is in GA. Witnesses have come forward, there was supposedly a water leak that they shut down voting for. That was an abject lie. We have video of witnesses pulling suspect ballots out from under a table after they ran off all the observers. Somebody told me that one of the people that did that has told gov’t officials how it happened and what happened. But has that information been provided to the public? No. There is rampant voter fraud of all kinds.

Federal violations of 5 years + more across the country by virtue of all the misconduct on election night. The flipping of votes by Dominion is even advertised, on their ability to do that, to run a fraction, to make a Biden vote count 1.26% and a Trump vote to only count 0.74%. They’ve done it before. They’ve done it in Venezuela. They done it in other foreign countries. They’ve done it in THIS country. We have evidence even that it was done in 2016 in CA to benefit Hillary over Bernie Sanders, and it’s been done in other local elections and smaller elections in different places. This is the only time it’s been this widespread, and the reason it didn’t work this time, they’ve been able to shave these votes for a long time, but the reason it didn’t work completely this time and they had to shut down in so many places was because so many Trump supporters poured out on the day of the election to vote for President Donald Trump in what was a LANDSLIDE victory, a historic victory, is because it BROKE the algorithm.

That’s why they had to stop counting that night. That’s why they had to bring in ballots and try to back-fill. And it still doesn’t work, because there are still 100’s of thousands of more votes than there were voters to vote them. The math simply doesn’t add up. And if they had nothing to hide, why aren’t they providing transparency into the voting systems of the United States of America, the country that is founded upon the Rule of Law and is supposed to be above all this? It is absolutely the most appalling criminal operation in the history of our country.”

Here is the audio:

Salon Owner Files Lawsuit Over Oregon Governor Threatening to Have CPS Take Her Kids for Defying Lockdown

An Oregon salon owner has filed a $100,000 lawsuit against Gov. Kate Brown for threatening to have Child Protective Services take her children away.

The lawsuit also outlines damages she sustained due to extended closures and excessive fines issued against her.

Glamour Salon owner Lindsey Graham says that the governor began “terrorizing” her after she defied lockdown orders and reopened her salon in May. She was fined $14,000 for the defiance.

“As soon as I tried to open my doors against the governor’s mandate back in May, she came at me with the full weight of the state,” Graham told Fox News during an interview with The Ingraham Angle on Monday.

“She terrorized myself, she terrorized my stylists, and she terrorized my family. She took every government agency she could, and she put her full weight into intimidating me into closing, including sending Child Protective Services to my home and threatening the removal of my children.”

According to Graham, three days after she opened her salon, Child Protective Services showed up at her home and “interviewed my children without my presence.”

She added that they “opened a full-blown case against me which was completely bogus and unwarranted, and it didn’t come until I shot back at them with a threat of the lawsuit,” that they backed down.

Graham filed the suit on December 18.

Watch the interview here.

Exley: High Levels Of Aluminum Found In the Brains of People with Autism

Professor Christopher Exley PhD FRSB is a biologist whom has been researching ‘aluminum and life’ for over thirty-six years. During this time, primarily at Keele University in the United Kingdom, he has published over 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has earned the nickname from his peers of, “Mr Aluminum”.

Christopher Exley is an English chemist known for his research on the health effects of aluminum exposure. He is Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry and group leader of the Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keele University.

Professor Exley is part of the world’s leading group researching the efficacy and safety of aluminum adjuvants used in vaccines, and he himself is known as the world’s leading researcher on aluminum.

He is the author of the book, Imagine You Are An Aluminum Atom: Discussions With Mr. Aluminum. Find Dr. Exley’s website here. Read Dr. Exley’s Medical Blog here. The medical blog includes information on the patient vaccination leaflet on vaccinations.

One of Dr. Christopher Exley’s Studies Involving Autism

Multiple studies show elevated levels of aluminum in the brain are linked to Autism, as well as early onset Alzheimers. Yet, it is said that aluminum is also the greatest untold story of science. …..

Free recovering from autism workshop:

Exley discovers link between different neurodegenerative diseases and aluminum distribution in the brain

Exley: Comparison of aluminium in human brain tissue with and without neurodegenerative disease

Funding halted for Professor Chris Exley, who links aluminum adjuvants in vaccines to autism

2015-02-16 Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?
2015-03-18 Mechanisms of aluminum adjuvant toxicity and autoimmunity in pediatric populations
2017-09-21 New Canadian study: Autism-Aluminum adjuvant link corroborated
2019-04-08 Funding halted for Professor Chris Exley, who links aluminum adjuvants in vaccines to autism
2019-07-26 Once Upon A Time There Were Aluminum-free Adjuvant Vaccines, So What Happened?
2019-11-24 Vaccines: Immune cells transport aluminum adjuvant to sites of injury
2020-07-14 Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines

Lockdowns were Inspired in the image & likeness of CCP, admits Prof Neil Ferguson

How strange is it that we are so afraid that we hand away our liberty and health to lockdowns and masks. See readers’ comments under the article quoted and linked belos – and at There is a lot of interesting information in readers’ comments. And you will still need to do your own research to verify.

Professor Neil Ferguson, the discredited Imperial College computer modeller behind Britain’s draconian lockdown policies, has come clean about his inspiration: none of it would have been possible without the shining example of the Chinese Communist Party.

In an extraordinary interview with the Times (of London), Ferguson admits that if it hadn’t been for China’s example, no Western country would ever have dreamed of putting its populace under house arrest.

Back in 2019, about the time someone was getting infected by a bat, no European country’s pandemic plans seriously entertained the prospect of putting a country on pause.

Then, that’s what China did. “I think people’s sense of what is possible in terms of control changed quite dramatically between January and March,” Professor Ferguson says.

Ferguson appears to find the idea of emulating a totalitarian state exciting rather than embarrassing or shaming because he boasts about it again later in the interview…

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