WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website

Maybe you have some sense that something fishy is going on? Same. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Coronavirus lived on surfaces until it didn’t. Masks didn’t work until they did, then they did not. There is asymptomatic transmission, except there isn’t. Lockdowns work to control the virus except they do not. All these people are sick without symptoms until, whoops, PCR tests are wildly inaccurate because they were never intended to be diagnostic tools. Everyone is in danger of the virus except they aren’t. It spreads in schools except it doesn’t.

On it goes. Daily. It’s no wonder that so many people have stopped believing anything that “public health authorities” say. In combination with governors and other autocrats doing their bidding, they set out to take away freedom and human rights and expected us to thank them for saving our lives. At some point this year (for me it was March 12) life began feeling like a dystopian novel of your choice.

Well, now I have another piece of evidence to add to the mile-high pile of fishy mess. The World Health Organization, for reasons unknown, has suddenly changed its definition of a core conception of immunology: herd immunity. Its discovery was one of the major achievements of 20th century science, gradually emerging in the 1920s and then becoming ever more refined throughout the 20th century.
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The “Killer Virus” is Not “Killing Christmas”. Corrupt Politicians Are

In several Western countries Christmas celebrations have been banned outright. Social and family gatherings are forbidden.

We are led to believe that the “Killer Virus” has triggered the Christmas Lockdown. What is really happening is that corrupt politicians are “killing Christmas”.  

Red Zones, the face mask, social distancing, the closing down of schools, colleges and universities, no more family gatherings, no birthday celebrations, music, the arts: no more cultural events, sport events are suspended, no more weddings, “love and life” is banned outright. 

And now Christmas is in a lockdown mode as a means to combating V-the Virus.

If the public had been informed that Covid-19 is “similar to seasonal Influenza”, the relentless 24/7 fear campaign would have fallen flat…

The lies and fabrications of the mainstream media are “killing Christmas”. They are killing the truth.

It’s Social Engineering: No critical analysis of the governments’ drastic policies is forthcoming.

We are told that the pandemic is not over. The governments have declared a “Second Wave”.

According to so-called “health experts”, the outright ban of Christmas celebrations is there “to save lives”.

And if you oppose these directives, you will be categorized as a “callous and deceitful psychopath”.

There is no legal justification nor scientific basis for the police state measures taken to prevent families and friends from celebrating Christmas. 

The entire urban services economy is in crisis. Shops, bars and restaurants are driven into bankruptcy. International travel and holidays are suspended.

Since September, spearheaded by the fear campaign, people have rushed to get tested: the number of “fake positives” has gone fly high.

There is no evidence that the virus is “out of control”. Amply documented the PCR test used to “estimate” covid “positive cases” is flawed.  What the media fails to mention is:

1) the RT-PCR covid positive case estimates are meaningless,

2) For 80% of the population, Covid-19 is NOT a dangerous disease.

3) the official data is manipulated

In the UK, according to a Daily Telegraph May 21 report: “samples taken from the same patient are being recorded as two separate tests in the Government’s official figures”.

According to the WHO, “The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, and tiredness. … These symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually.”

Screenshot The Hill, March 19, 2020

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned (without detailed evidence) that a new strain of the coronavirus had emerged.

“Christmas Lockdown” is an encroachment on civil liberties and the “Right to Life”.

Our thoughts during the Christmas holiday are with the millions of people Worldwide driven into unemployment, poverty and despair, who are the unspoken victims of this diabolical project.


Rudy Giuliani: Voting Machines Were “Programmed to Give Biden Somewhere Between 2% and 5% Advantage” (AUDIO)

Trump Attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Bernie and Sid on WABC to update the audience on the election lawsuits.

Rudy told the WABC audience, “We believe from what we saw in Michigan that the machines have an inaccurate vote—that they’re programmed to give Biden somewhere between a 2% and 5% advantage.”

Here is the full audio from the Bernie and Sid show from WABC:


US Hospitalizations Hit New Record As “Mutant” COVID Strain Found In Singapore


  • Singapore confirms first case of UK virus strain
  • US hospitalizations hit new record
  • Brazil study shows China vaccine 50% effective
  • India confirms 24K+ new cases
  • China confirms 17 new cases
  • NY extends eviction moratorium
  • Sydney residents asked to “limit mobility”

* * *

As we head further into what’s already been a busy day before Christmas (a day when markets close early and many Americans take off from work), millions of Americans, and other Christians around the world, are preparing to celebrate a holiday that, for many, will probably be a markedly different holiday than what they’re accustomed to.


According to Johns Hopkins, global cases have reached 78.6MM, while the worldwide death toll is nearing 1.8MM.

In the UK, a Brexit deal has finally been reached, but citizens are seemingly more concerned with the line of lorries at the border and news reports about super-infectious COVID-19 mutations prompt people to doubt or question the efficacy of vaccines (despite all that trial data) than about fisheries, especially after Britain reported a record 39K+ new cases the other day.

In the US (and the rest of the world) the situation isn’t much better. China has joined the list of countries that has cut off some or all travel/trade with the UK by halting passenger flights over fears tied to the new viral “variant”. Singapore, meanwhile, has become the latest country to confirm its first case of the UK variant….


MI: Charge filed in threats against election official involving photo of mutilated woman’s body

A woman has been charged with making threats against a Detroit-area Republican election official who received photos of a mutilated body a day after a clamorous meeting at which she initially refused to certify local results in favor of Joe Biden, authorities said Wednesday.

“You have made a grave mistake. I hope you realize that now,” Katelyn Jones said in a text message to Monica Palmer, a member of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, according to the FBI.

A criminal complaint against Jones was filed in federal court in Detroit. Jones has ties to Olivet, Michigan, according to her driver’s license, but the FBI said she sent the threats from New Hampshire where she was staying with her mother.

Jones admitted making the threats when interviewed by agents because she felt Palmer was “interfering with the election,” the FBI said in a court filing.

Jones was arrested Wednesday in New Hampshire. It wasn’t known if she has a lawyer who can comment on the case.

The threats included photos of a woman’s bloody body and references to Palmer’s daughter, the FBI said….


It will certainly be instructive to note whether the FBI or anyone else asks the obvious question of where the photo came from.   It’s not the kind of material that a 23 year old woman would be expected to have on hand.

People have no idea of the kind of monster that is looming over this country and preparing to pounce.

If biden is installed, we are totally and probably irrevocably screwed.

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Border Crisis: The Crocodile Tears of the Empire

Fast & Furious Shows that US Torture Elite Will Kill for Disarmament


Deep dive: Killroom: Pizzagate Exposed

Supreme Court Slows President Trump’s PA Case!

The US Court system has been taken over by the corrupt left.  It’s time for the Justices on the Court to rule based on righteousness.  The 2020 election was stolen.  Joe Biden received 20 million fraudulent votes and biased judges and Obama judges are the only ones to see cases and they then ridicule and discount the massive fraud.

We’ve already discussed Justice Roberts.  Many people believe the Chief Justice is compromised.  His rulings make no sense.  He is either crazy or he is being blackmailed.


Obama the Blackmailer Has the Keys to Election Software, Justice Roberts, Many Others

House Minority Leaders Caught On Call Urging House Reps to Kill Trump’s $2000 Check Demand

First no response from the Republicans on the most obvious and corrupt election in world history and now Congressional Republicans want to stop the President’s wishes for providing more in COVID payments to the people.

Joe Biden manufactured 20 million or more votes in the 2020 election in November to steal the race away from record setter President Trump and the Republicans in the House and Senate say nothing.  Now this same group wants to prevent Americans from receiving more than $600 in payments in a COVID package?  These individuals are not for the people.

President Trump won the 2020 election with more votes than any candidate ever.  He crushed the old record set by Barack Obama in 2008 of 69 million.  President Trump became the first candidate in US history to surpass 70 million votes.  His rallies and unscripted boat parades, car parades and more indicated a big win, but his win was extraordinary.

Of course, the President’s opponent was very weak.  This is why it is totally ridiculous unreasonable nonsense to even suggest that senile and basement dwelling Joe Biden overcame this record and won the 2020 election.  This was a steal.  It was the biggest criminal steal in world history and it must not be allowed.

TRENDING: JUST IN: President Trump Announces 26 New Christmas Pardons Including Paul Manafort and Roger Stone

But the Republicans in the House and Senate are blind to the results.  They believe Biden won 20 million or more votes than he really received reaching over 80 million to become the first candidate in history to do so.  They remain silent as if they are part of the steal.

Yesterday, there was more proof of this as the Republicans in Congress were caught acting behind the scenes attempting to stop President Trump’s ask to give Americans more money due to Americans challenges with COVID.

Mediaite reports:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Wednesday ended a call with House Republicans after they began leaking to the media about his effort to kill a proposal that would include direct $2,000 payments to Americans….


Clearly they’re not motivated by budget concerns.   Perhaps their controllers  want riots and starvation in the streets sooner rather than later.   Maybe covid-21 has already been released and they want people already desperate before it hits full force.   These people seem to be on a schedule.

US Hospitalizations Hit New Record As “Mutant” COVID Strain Found In Singapore

Alleged Leak from Canadian Liberal Party “Strategic Planning Committee” Predicts “Covid-21”, NWO

Corbett: The Future of Vaccines

If the Gateses and the Faucis and the representatives of the international medical establishment get their way, life will not return to normal until the entire planet is vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2. What many do not yet understand, however, is that the vaccines that are being developed for SARS-Cov-2 are unlike any vaccines that have ever been used on the human population before. And, as radically different as these vaccines appear, they represent only the very beginning of a complete transformation of vaccine technology that is currently taking place in research labs across the planet. This is a study of The Future of Vaccines.

Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube or Download the mp4

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Trump Vetoes NDAA For Putting Interests of “DC Establishment” Over “The American People”

President Trump has vetoed the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act over its lack of action against Big Tech and push to remove Confederate names from some military bases.

Trump vetoed the $740 billion NDAA on Wednesday in part because it made no Section 230 changes to the Communications Decency Act that would strip Big Tech of its immunity.

“My Administration has taken strong actions to help keep our Nation safe and support our service members,” Trump wrote to the House of Representatives. “I will not approve this bill, which would put the interests of the Washington, D.C. establishment over those of the American people.

As for renaming military bases named after Confederate figures, Trump said: “I have been clear in my opposition to politically motivated attempts like this to wash away history and to dishonor the immense progress our country has fought for in realizing our founding principles.”

The bill will now head back to Congress, but it’s believed they have the votes to override Trump’s veto.

“The defense bill was approved in Congress with strong bipartisan support, passing in the House 335-78, and in the Senate 84-13 – making it likely Congress could override the president’s veto,” Fox News reported.

Trump had indicated he would veto the NDAA earlier this month, saying the ultimate beneficiary of the bill would be China.