Top Pfizer Whistleblower Trashes Company’s Vaccine ‘Breakthrough’ Spin

Batting for Big Pharma is CDC and White House pandemic task force front man, Dr Anthony Fauci, who lauded Pfizer’s new claims, telling CNN:

“But the bottom line is, as a vaccine it’s more than 90% effective, which is extraordinary.”

However, Dr Anthony Fauci – along with his boss at NIH – are among many key government medical advisers who are hardly impartial observers. They are heavily invested in Big Pharma vaccine shares. There are growing calls for a full investigation of this medical elite clique. Curiously, even Fauci admitted the COVID test Has a Fatal Flaw.

Fauci knows dissent is growing and further admits it is “disturbing” that so few people want the new vaccine. As such governments like the UK are pushing through mandatory vaccine laws…

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