OB/GYN Christiane Northrup Discusses Covid RNA Vaccine

I should have read the patent more closely.   The RF communication it refers to is the standard electronic gear that people are already familiar with (fitbits, smartphones & such).   There’s no cellular-scale EMF coupling beyond the usual toxic stuff that we’re already exposed to.   The free-radical generating metal nanoparticle contamination is certainly toxic but I don’t know of any EMF coupling properties it might have, and the communications angle seems dubious.  I’ll have to research that one.  Anyway, here’s the original article.

This stuff seems pretty far out even for me!   But the patent she refers to does exist   https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2020060606A1/en although I have no idea how the actual RF i/o would be coupled between a human body and a 5G hub.   On the other hand, 5G wavelengths are on the scale of structures in the human body.   For instance, helical sweat ducts are activated by “active denial” crowd control  transmitters which run at 95Ghz, which is at the top of the 5G allocation.   Larger structures (lower freqs) certainly exist too.   It’s also conceivable that repeated injections of metallic nanoparticles such as those already found in vaccines might lodge particles in tissue and alter the overall dielectric constant of the body to facilitate RF interactions.   I assume the spectrum of the emissions could be fed into some kind of FFT circuit but how the process could be inverted to go the other way is another question.   Anyway, I’ve misplaced my PhD in digital bioelectronics (OMG the spell checker didn’t flag that word!) so this is all pink noise to me.

Anyway, this must be what they mean when they refer to “the singularity”.    No thanks!

This page has more on the topic.  https://orientalreview.org/2020/04/29/bill-gates-vaccinations-microchips-and-patent-060606/

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