New Zealand in Tyranny: How could this happen?

Freedom-loving and free-thinking New Zealanders are dismayed by the results of the country’s recent general election. The southern hemisphere country has just re-elected a socialist Government with an increased vote, giving it a “mandate” to further take away freedom during a crisis of Covid-19 madness. Why would a country re-elect a nanny state Government promising more socialist tyranny? It is almost beyond belief.

The result of the US 2020 election stalemate is nervously awaited by New Zealanders. Some see a Biden win as a coup for the Left worldwide and a result that is likely to strengthen the New Zealand socialist agenda. The NZ government and media seem to dislike current US President Donald Trump, his actions, comments, and policies, and are excited about the potential for a Biden win. The American Democrats are apparently excited to embrace a communist-type, totalitarian, socialist government for Americans. They seem to be cheering on another “leader” who is willing to bow to climate change mantras and Covid hysteria, just like New Zealanders. The media in both countries have played a large part is promoting these tyrannical agendas. A.

During the New Zealand election, a freedom movement called Advance New Zealand formed a new political party which was quickly censored, maligned, slandered, and laughed at. Its leaders were labeled “conspiracy theorists” because they dared to challenge the official narrative. Voters largely ignored Advance New Zealand, preferring to go with the two usual left and right parties but predominantly leaned toward the left socialists. If nothing is done to stop the country’s direction, New Zealanders will one day wake up to “conspiracy facts” with more than a tinge of regret. Citizens around the world should take heed of this sort of apathy before it is too late.

This is what the majority of the electorate voted for:

  • A government prepared to use rolling lockdowns to eliminate a virus with a fatality rate similar to a bad influenza season….until a vaccine is available.
  • A government that ran one of the strictest lockdowns in the world despite a low case number. It credits the lockdown for keeping the death rate at 24 even though more and more evidence shows lockdowns do not solve pandemics.
  • A government that introduced draconian laws of overreach due to the Covid-19 “pandemic”, including the powers to remove people from their homes to detention centers.
  • A government that legislated and passed some of the most liberal abortion laws in the world and is introducing euthanasia.
  • A government targeting farmers in the name of “climate change, making it hard for them to survive.
  • A government that has provisions for mandatory vaccination and plans to possibly link returning to work with vaccination status.
  • A government that has made suicide stats hard to find
  • A government that has increased the national debt to alarmingly high levels through its response to the pandemic.
  • A government that handed out money to the mainstream media to keep them afloat during the pandemic and an election campaign.
  • A government that allocated public funding for a documentary which was nothing more than a vicious smear attack on the co-leader of one of the minor political parties speaking the truth and trying to hold the current government to account.
  • A government treating its citizens like children in a nanny state in the midst of Covid-19 madness.
  • A government that allowed parts of the country to be sold to China.
  • A government committed to implementing the globalist socialist Agenda 21 and 30 plans.

Why would people re-elect this Government during a time of Covid-19 madness?

Maybe some votes were swayed by the handouts such as job subsidies and business tax breaks, which held the unemployment statistics down and helped people get by. It could have been the propaganda pumped out day and night by the mainstream media who seemed to idolize leader Jacinda Ardern and relish being her government’s PR arm. Perhaps some people loved being “looked after” and “kept safe” by their government. Perhaps most were too busy to do their own research.

But to thinking, freedom-loving discerning New Zealanders, the result of the country’s October 17 election holds great concern. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says her Government now has a “clear mandate from the people” to keep rolling out its harsh programs, using the word “accelerate” in her victory speech.

How could the people of New Zealand choose this? Could election-fraud be the cause of her victory, similar to what we are seeing in US elections? I have worked in two previous elections and been involved in vote-counting. In my experience, the system is very robust and there are many checks and balances in place to avoid tampering. However, the results are puzzling…

Methinks the level of unaccountable power, blackmail and money flows in the world have made (self-)organized crime into the biggest transnational corporate interest in history.   It’s a shame she hasn’t had recent election experience, but it’s getting to the point where it wouldn’t matter anyway.   Election machines are steadily eroding human involvement in the nuts and bolts of the process.  Intelligence agencies, secret societies ( ) and mega-corporations seem to be in control.

Admittedly the following links will be intimidating to newcomers but this appears to be reality.   Ignore it at your peril.   At least check the last link if you want to get motivated.

She doesn’t say anything about self defense, but the Christchurch false flag a few years ago should have been even more foreboding to her:

Similar events in australia, the UK and the USA imply a transnational element to the whole process.

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