Covid and Medical Mind Control

Here’s some wild speculation for you.   I’ve been trying to understand the obtuseness of doctors and nurses who insist on following obviously bogus official guidance on covid even to the point of actively killing the patient via intubation.    Likewise it seems public “health” officials seem oblivious to the fact that covid is no worse than a bad flu season, easily treatable with cheap conventional methods and that the toxicity of shutting down the economy is far worse than that of the virus itself.   Of course there are many other issues involved, but one would think those alone would be sufficient to cause resistance within the medical establishment.   Yet there seems to be a robotic adherence to “authority” to the exclusion of all else.    Either medical brainwashing is more effective than I thought, or something else is going on.  Understand this is just a hypothesis.

I used to hypnotize friends when I was in high school.   I was pretty good at it.  And I can see how it would be very easy to get someone to do something totally against their character.   In other words, the establishment has been lying about this aspect of hypnosis for a very long time, probably in order to numb the population to the possibilities it raises.

The links below summarize what I know about mind control.  With drugs such as scopolamine available to initiate the process, MK techniques could readily be used to effect mind control in a subset of a population as pliable and brainwashed as the cult of medicine already is.    Successful “recruits” could be selectively promoted to positions of authority using standard infiltration techniques.    Just a thought.

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