Arizona unlikely to see accurate vote count since secretary of state thinks Trump supporters are “neo-Nazis”

Regardless of what ends up being decided in Arizona as far as the election goes, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs will probably double down on the belief that Joe Biden is the winner, seeing as how she thinks Donald Trump and his base are “neo-Nazis.”

The overseer of her state’s contested vote, Hobbs served as a Democratic state senator immediately prior to becoming secretary of state in 2018. And similar to what is now taking place with the 2020 presidential election, Hobbs was far behind her opponent on election night, only to mysteriously take the lead in the days that followed.

As more votes were discovered and counted, Hobbs seized a victory that some have speculated may have been due to fraud. With that said, the chances of Hobbs conceding to a Biden loss in Arizona are slim.

While she was still a state senator in 2017, Hobbs tweeted her belief that President Trump was “more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being @POTUS for all Americans.” She also went off the rails in response to Trump’s statement concerning the Charlottesville incident that there were “very fine people” on both sides.

Trump was of course referring to the patriot group that had originally planned to meet for a rally in Charlottesville, only to be infiltrated by an alleged white supremacist group that started marching around with tiki torches. On the other side were protesters who had similarly been infiltrated with violent Antifa agitators….

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