Software Used in Michigan County that Stole 6,000 Votes from Trump Is Also Used in ALL SWING STATES — And Uses Chinese Computer Parts In Its Machines

A so-called computer ‘glitch’ fix in one of Michigan’s counties has led to 6,000 votes switching from Joe Biden to President Trump.  The Head of the Republican Party has asked for an additional 47 counties be recounted after the fix since these 47 counties also use the same Dominion software.

A so-called computer glitch has been uncovered in Michigan today and it resulted in swapping 6,000 votes from Joe Biden to President Trump.

Dominion Software is used in 28 US states including ALL OF THE BATTLEGROUND STATES.

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The Dominion software “glitch” ONLY took votes from President Trump and Republicans.

Dominion is used in 30 different states.

Dominion is used in EVERY SWING STATE!

Via Kyle Becker reported:

And NUMEROUS COUNTIES in Georgia also used the software!

And two counties in Georgia that used the software shut down for two hours on election day.

And Dominion uses Chinese computer parts in their machines.

Via NBC News in 2019:

The source of the nation’s voting machines has become an urgent issue because of real fears that hackers, whether foreign or domestic, might tamper with the mechanics of the voting system.

That has led to calls for ES&S and its competitors, Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems and Austin, Texas-based Hart Intercivic, to reveal details about their ownership and the origins of the parts, some of which come from China, that make up their machines.

GCN listed the Chinese computer parts used in the Dominion machines.

Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos and Hart InterCivic President Julie Mathis said their companies use Chinese-made LCD screen components, chip capacitors and resistors, arguing that in some cases there’s no option for manufacturing those parts in the United States.

“We would welcome guidelines and best practices from the committee and from the federal government,” Poulos said. “This is not a problem that’s unique to the election industry.”…

”The day is coming closer when most of the populace will have the shocking realization that not everything is as it seems”

Matthew’s messages are unfailingly uplifting. I am always happy to see them in my email inbox. Perhaps something here will brighten your day too!

…let us mention some “predictions” devised by the dark ones and passed on by persons who believe the issues are of grave concern, such as Earth is moving toward another ice age. No, she is not—she is moving toward the moderate climate that prevailed when the planet in its entirety was the garden of Eden. There were no snow-capped mountains then, but Gaia delights in their majestic beauty and the great enjoyment they provide to sports enthusiasts.

Another predicted situation that will not happen is, oceans suddenly will inundate all land up to high cliffs and hilltops and drown many millions. Gradually-rising waters will affect sea-level islands and coastlines, and residents of those low-lying areas will move to higher ground long before those lands are submerged.

That drought will cause shortages of food and water and the death of billions will not come to pass, either, nor will any astral body collide with Earth. Then there is this rather fanciful idea—the planet is too damaged to remain habitable for people who survive cataclysmic events; they will be taken aboard spacecraft and when they are returned to Earth, they will have to live beneath the surface.

The only purpose of any dire-sounding situation is to create fear. It is for the same purpose that covid case numbers are relentlessly reported and “experts” say that even after everyone is vaccinated, the virus will continue wending its way around the globe, so wearing masks and social distancing will be the way of life. It is fear’s low vibrations that let the dark ones become powerful in your world…

Read much more at

Patriots Announce Nationwide “Stop the Steal” Protests in All 50 States

Patriots are organizing at state capitols across the country this weekend to “Stop the Steal” and defend the nation’s election integrity, as voter fraud seems apparent in multiple swing states.

The events, set to take place at every state capitol in the nation Saturday at noon, are being promoted by Infowars and other Trump-supporting organizations as a means to highlight the rigged Democrat election theft and corruption of the electoral process.


“Democrats are scheming to disenfranchise and nullify Republican votes,” states one website,, organizing the protests. “It’s up to the American people to stop it.”

“Along with President Trump, we will do whatever it takes to ensure the integrity of this election for the good of the nation. This is a coalition/team effort. We need boots on the ground to protect the integrity of the vote.”

On Friday, the president announced he would not concede defeat, pointing to various reports of irregularities and fraud in multiple key states….

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: “We watermarked every ballot with a QFS blockchain encryption code”

CISA published this official statement on November 4, 2020:

Following the final day of voting, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Christopher Krebs, issued the following statement:

Over the last four years, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has been a part of a whole-of-nation effort to ensure American voters decide American elections. Importantly, after millions of Americans voted, we have no evidence any foreign adversary was capable of preventing Americans from voting or changing vote tallies.

We are only here because of the hard work of state and local election officials and private sector partners who have focused efforts on enhancing the security and resilience of elections. The United States government supported these partners throughout the election, bringing the full range of capabilities to bear in securing systems and pushing back against malicious actors seeking to disrupt our process and interfere in our election. CISA will continue to support our state and local partners as they move toward their certification deadlines and the official outcome of the 2020 election.

We will remain vigilant for any attempts by foreign actors to target or disrupt the ongoing vote counting and final certification of results. The American people are the last line of defense against foreign influence efforts and we encourage continued patience in the coming days and weeks. Keep calm, continue to look to your state and local election officials for trusted information on election results and visit for facts on election security.

Two videos at the bottom of the following link: one of Steve Pieczenik, the other of Charlie Ward. Both are worth watching.

Governor Whitmer Pushes to Criminalize Refusing to Wear a Mask in Michigan

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is asking the Republican majority in the State Legislature, who are characterized as “anti-maskers”, but wish to leave the choice of wearing masks individuals, to codify the current order requiring people to wear face masks and make it law. The current order in place comes from an epidemic order emitted by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Michigan’s Supreme Court struck down Whitmer’s emergency powers in October. Rising case numbers are due to flawed tests.

Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer is asking the State Legislature to codify the current order requiring people to wear face masks and make it law.

“We have got to take action now. This week I sent a letter to the Republican leaders in the legislature urging them to pass legislation that requires Michiganders to wear masks in indoor places and crowded outdoor areas,” Whitmer said. “…we do think that it would be helpful to our health, our state and our economy if it was codified in a bipartisan way with our legislature.”

According to M Live, the current order in place comes from an epidemic order emitted by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), but Whitmer possibly feels that it needs more legal weight.

Whitmer feels that many Republicans in the State Legislature (which currently has a Republican majority) are “anti-maskers” and are working against her on this issue….

Multiple journals reject major mask study amid hints that it shows masks don’t stop COVID

A major study out of Denmark that sought to examine the efficacy of face masks at limiting the spread of COVID-19 has reportedly been rejected by multiple academic journals amid hints that the study found face coverings are not effective in protecting individuals from the coronavirus.

Masks have been among the most persistent and controversial flashpoints of the COVID-19 epidemic for months. Health officials around the world initially argued strongly against their use, claiming that studies over the years had demonstrated that masks were ineffective at stopping respiratory viruses and unnecessary for the current pandemic.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, for example, told CBS’ “60 Minutes” in March: “Right now, in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks.”

Growing concerns over a purportedly high rate of asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 led many of those same officials, including Fauci, to reverse their recommendations, urging people to wear masks whenever they go out in public.

Reflecting the new public sentiment on masks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges Americans to “wear masks in public settings, like on public and mass transportation, at events and gatherings, and anywhere they will be around other people.”

Mandates by governors and national leaders over the past several months have further enforced those conclusions, with many public leaders issuing orders for citizens to don face coverings while in grocery stores, on public transport, and even in open outdoor areas such as public parks.

Danish study has reportedly been ready for months

In spite of their now-ubiquitous presence in most of the Western world today, relatively little evidence exists to support widespread use of face-masking to prevent the spread of respiratory disease. A 2019 World Health Organization review of pandemic mitigation measures, for instance, found “no evidence” that face coverings helped to stop the spread of influenza.

Whether or not studies on influenza transmission can apply to COVID-19 is unknown; the disease’s relatively recent emergence means that scientific studies on it are in short supply. Studies can take many month to secure funding, develop methodologies, carry out experiments, interpret the findings, write a research paper and get it peer-reviewed and published.

To bridge that gap, a team of Danish scientists earlier this year sought to carry out a major randomized controlled trial study to determine how effective masks might be at stopping COVID transmission. The study, begun in April, involved around 6,000 Danish citizens, half of whom wore face coverings during “normal behavior” and the other half of whom went without them.

The study concluded in June. Yet the Copenhagen newspaper Berlingske reported this week that it has been rejected by at least three elite medical journals so far — the Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, and JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association.

“They all said no,” Christian Torp-Pederson, one of the study’s researchers, told the Danish newspaper this week. He added that the study’s scientists “cannot start discussing what [the journals] are dissatisfied with, because in that case we must also explain what the study showed, and we do not want to discuss that until it is published.”

The paper’s lack of publication thus far is not, on its face, unheard of. Peer review — the process by which independent experts analyze, criticize and edit scientific papers prior to publication in official journals — can take several months or more from start to finish.

Yet there have been indications that the study may be ruffling feathers among medical officials and researchers, with some of the study’s directors suggesting, cryptically, that its results may run against the grain of current public orthodoxy on mask usage. …

What We Don’t Elect Matters Most: Central Banking and the Permanent Government

If we avert our eyes from the electoral battle on the blood-soaked sand of the Coliseum and look behind the screen, we find the powers that matter are not elected: our owned by a few big banks Federal Reserve, run by a handful of technocrats, and the immense National Security State, a.k.a. the Permanent Government. These entities operate the Empire which hosts the electoral games for the entertainment and distraction of the public.

The governance machinery controlled by elected representatives is tightly constrained in what it can and cannot do. It can’t do anything to stop the debasement of the nation’s currency, which is totally controlled by the Politburo of the Fed, nor can it do much to limit the Imperial Project, other than feel-good PR bits here and there.

The president wields vast powers but even the president is powerless to stop the debasement of the nation’s currency and the enrichment of bankers, financiers, corporations, etc., who fund the campaigns of the gladiators, oops I mean politicians.

If we set aside the term Deep State and simply call it the unelected machinery of governance(Permanent Government), we get a clear picture of its scope and power. Presidents, senators and representatives come and go, but the machinery of Empire grinds on, decade after decade.

A great many people and places in America don’t matter to the Fed or the Permanent Government, and so they’ve been abandoned to their fates. The darlings of the Fed and Empire are clustered in Silicon Valley and other urban hubs where the technological and financial machinery of global hegemony are fabricated and maintained.

Those far from these centers of banking, finance and Big Tech have little to no stake as owners of meaningful capital. All they have to sell is their labor, and that’s been losing purchasing power for decades as financialization and globalization have stripmined rural America and enriched the bankers, financiers and speculators who serve the Fed and unelected Permanent Government.

The Fed and the Permanent Government have been very, very good to the few at the expense of the many. Look at the chart below at America’s complete dominance when measured by the soaring wealth of its top 1% power elite: We’re Number One in wealth, income and power inequality, yea for the Fed and the Empire! And we don’t have to elect them–they elect themselves.

Retired Intel Operative Tony Shaffer: President Trump Will Win The Election; Legitimate Ballots Were Marked

President Trump has a great case and will win this election based on the Constitution per retired Intel Operative Tony Shaffer.

Tony Shaffer is a retired Intelligence Operative and current President of the London Center for Policy Research and a member of President Trump’s 2020 Advisory Board.  He believes the President won the election and has a great case in the courts to prove it.

Shaffer created a fire on Twitter yesterday when he questioned whether the President may have marked all the ballots in this year’s election which would  indicate if a ballot counted was legitimate or not. 

Shaffer tweeted this:

A hypothetical question for all the Democrat trolls following my feed…
What if DHS anticipated DNC counting fraud.
What if they “tagged” each legitimate ballot.
What would happen if DHS does an audit of all counted ballots and find ballots without the tag – what happens then?

Next Shaffer made some comments and asked another question:

It’s done in known contracted sights…you do understand law enforcement asks for cooperation all the time from companies, right?

A third tweet from Shaffer indicated that there are numerous ways to mark documents without the markings clearly identifiable:

Oh, there is more than that now…
People don’t understand how light works…and what they don’t see can be seen in infrared and ultraviolet…we had a whole block of instruction at “the Farm” on secret writing…it is amazing…

Shaffer has a credible record and one of the first to confirm that President Trump was being spied on back in March 2017.  We covered this in prior posts:

Based on his impressive record, we were curious about Shaffer’s tweets and so we contacted him and he shared the following comments:

  1. The tweets were questions for people to think about.  We know that the same people who were behind the Russia collusion scam were still around and to think that they were going to allow the President to freely win the 2020 election was foolish.  Of course there would be a major effort to prevent President Trump from winning.
  2. Certainly the President’s team prepared for this year’s election and would have considered possible voter fraud on a large scale due to the current environment in the US.
  3. Tony posed his questions and the left went crazy and based on this they must know what they are doing is unjust.
  4. The courts will decide this election and the Constitution is on the side of the President.  Any illegal votes should not be counted and when this is addressed the President will win the election.
  5. There are many actions by the Democrats that indicate they are attempting to steal the election.  (We have reported numerous stories on this subject since the election.)
  6. The Constitution requires that all valid ballots be received and counted on the first Tuesday in November.   Any efforts to drag the election out after this date are likely not legitimate.
  7. Efforts by the Democrats to prevent oversight and transparency are likely due to corruption.  Why has the Biden campaign not urged for transparency during this process?  Where there is no transparency there is something being hidden.
  8. How come Texas and Florida can be transparent and provide results on Election eve but other states could not and even stopped counting?
  9. Historically Iowa and Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio and Florida and Georgia vote very similarly.  What happened this year to break this connection?  Why were things changed late at night in some of these states?
  10. If there is an ongoing investigation into any of this would the President comment on it or would it be more proper not to?

Finally Shaffer pointed out that the Democrats again put us in a position we have never been in before.

The President’s son tweeted yesterday something similar:

When America sees everything we are uncovering they will be disgusted and even the media won’t be able to pretend voter fraud isn’t real.

Ending this crap once and for all will be fundamental to preserving our republic and faith in democracy.

Censorship: US Department of Justice (DOJ) Closes Down Canada’s Independent Media Site AHT

Global Research Editor’s Note

We stand in firm support of The American Herald Tribune andProfessor Anthony Hall, who has the courage to confront the US corporate media. 

The tendency is towards online media censorship in derogation of the Rights to Free Speech. Google and Facebook are collaborating with the FBI in this endeavor. 

Here is the statement from the US Department of Justice.

Below is Professor Hall’s statement. 
Our writers are from all over the world expressing themselves freely on a variety of issues as they see fit.

I have been Editor in Chief of AHT since its inception. AHT draws contributions from journalists of many backgrounds throughout the world.

We do have some contributors from Iran who express themselves as they wish. I have attended New Horizon conferences in Iran and most recently in Beirut a year ago. In this milieu I met many well-known journalists from throughout Europe and North America some of whom have contributed to AHT.

Editorially AHT is pro-peace and the contributors are overwhelmingly opposed to the intrigues of the anti-Iranian war hawks intent on invading the Islamic Republic….