Angelina Jolie’s MI6 Interview Shows Just How Connected Hollywood Is To the Deep State

With election fever still gripping the U.S., talk of rigging or interference in the democratic process is reaching new levels, high enough that even Hollywood legend Angelina Jolie is talking about it. In an extraordinary interview in Time magazine, the star of “Wanted, Maleficent, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” sat down with the former head of the UK’s MI6 spy network, Sir Alex Younger, to ask how worrying the threat from Russia or China really is.

“Russia feels threatened by the quality of our alliances and, even in the current environment, the quality of our democratic institutions. It sets out to denigrate them, and it uses intelligence services to that end. It is a serious problem, and we should organize to prevent it,” the British spook told the actress.

Younger also went on to discuss the rise of China, and how the West must act to challenge the supposed threat Beijing poses. “We are going to have two sharply different value systems in operation on the same planet for the foreseeable future. We mustn’t be naïve. We need to retain the capacity to defend ourselves,” he told Jolie.

Never challenging him, Jolie even asked the head of perhaps the world’s most notorious spying agency how we can protect ourselves from fake information.

To some, the pairing of a Hollywood star and a veteran spymaster might seem strange. But, in reality, the silver screen and the national security state have always been intimately intertwined. And as much as Jolie presents herself as a leading humanitarian, even being appointed as a Special Envoy for the UN Commission for Refugees, she has spent an inordinate amount of her free time rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s worst human rights abuses.

At World Refugee Day in 2005, Jolie shared a stage with then-U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Rice was a key player in the Bush administration, responsible for the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, two of the world’s worst humanitarian and refugee crises that continue to plague the planet to this day.

Jolie herself has slowly become a leading member of the U.S. national security apparatus, joining the influential and well-endowed Council on Foreign Relations think tank in 2007, and penning a joint op-ed in The New York Times with John McCain two years ago calling for U.S. intervention in Syria and Myanmar. “Around the world, there is profound concern that America is giving up the mantle of global leadership,” they questionably asserted, decrying America’s “steady retreat over the past decade” that has, “dangerously eroded the rule of law,” and condemned the Trump administration’s inaction in Syria that could have “deterred mass atrocities,” and reduced the refugee crisis….

She definitely drank the cult’s kool aid a long time ago.

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Windows Boarded Up at Detroit Absentee Ballot Counting Center

The absentee ballot irregularities are pouring in from around the country. If you want to stay up-to-the-minute,
you should check, and other excellent sites. I don’t have time to be on top of it, but here’s an example:

Windows are being boarded up at a Detroit absentee ballot counting center as poll watchers complain about a lack of transparency.

“The scene at Detroit’s absentee ballot counting center is growing more heated. The windows now being covered up. Allegations of violations. Sec. of State says she welcomes challenges,” tweeted Fox News’ Matt Finn.

The Secretary of State responded by claiming the process had been “bipartisan, transparent and open” from the beginning.

Poll watchers claim that there are an unfair number of Democrats to Republicans and that the process is not transparent.

Trump supporters are furious at an alarming number of mail in ballot drops changing the results of closely fought swing states.

The Biden campaign’s prediction that Trump may appear to be winning on the night but that mail in ballots would change the result over the following days appears to be coming true.

Zerohedge: Latest On The Election

Chaos. That’s the best way to describe what has happened in the past 12 hours.

Initially Trump shocked pollsters – again – after winning Florida by a whopping 370K votes where a surge in Hispanic support crippled hopes for a Biden landslide, followed by wins in Ohio and Texas. The early momentum saw Trump’s winning odds at online bookie Betfair surge as high as 80%. However, the momentum reversed after Biden managed to “flip” Arizona back to blue while the outcome remained unclear in six swing states — Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — all of which are still counting votes, and while we may get some final vote counts today, others could take a few days.

And so Biden leading Trump 238 to 213 for the electoral college, where a 270 total is needed…

… this is how close some of the key battleground races were as of Wednesday morning:

  • In Wisconsin, Trump’s early lead fizzled as Milwaukee absentee ballots were counted, leading to a Democratic lead, and with 95% of the vote counted, Biden now has a razer-thin 21,000 vote lead.
  • The race in Michigan was razor thin as well, with Trump fractionally in the lead at 49.4%, vs 48.9% for Biden according to Edison Research, although Michigan’s Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said “hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots remain to be tabulated” and they will have a “much more complete picture” of Michigan’s results by end of the day.
  • Georgia saw Trump up by 102,000 with 94% of the vote counted by more votes expected to be counter from the Democratic stronghold of Atlanta.
  • North Carolina similarly saw Trump up by just under 80,000 votes with 94% of the vote counted, although like in Georgia much of the mailed-in ballots were outstanding.
  • Pennsylvania, a critical state for both candidates, saw Trump lead by 55.7% to 43.1%, but here too most of the metropolitan mailed-in votes were yet to be counted. Pennsylvania officials said they expect all votes to be counted by Friday.
  • Nevada had Biden up by only 8,000 with 67% of the vote tallied; Edison has reported that counting will not resume until noon ET on Thursday with outlets reports the candidates both on 49% with ~85% of votes tabulated.

Yet some pointed out a bizarre pick up in Michigan Biden votes, who picked up 138K votes without a single vote going to Trump:

Said otherwise, as the Federalist’s Sean Davis notes, Democrats in Michigan “magically” found a trove of 138,339 votes, and all 138,339 of those “votes” magically went to Biden?

A similar odd jump took place in Wisconsin:

In any case, Biden needs to make continued progress in the likes of Pennsylvania (results possibly could be out as late as Friday), Michigan (results may be a few days) and Wisconsin (results could be out on Wednesday), although with most of the outstanding ballots mostly mail-ins, consensus is that they will favor Biden, because more Democrats than Republicans voted early this year. The question is will this be enough to flip Trump leads in key states.

As a result, Biden is now a 75% odds-on favorite to win the presidency at Betfair, a dramatic reversal from earlier when Trump was seen as an 80%-odds favorite. Why? Because if Biden holds onto his lead in Nevada and Wisconsin, he would need to win only one of three states — Georgia, Michigan or Pennsylvania — to secure a majority of electoral votes, and could still lose North Carolina.

Whether this reverses again in the coming hours will depend on the outcome of the mailed-in ballot vote count in key states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. Incidentally, Fox decision desk guru just told Fox & Friends “he’d rather be Biden than Trump in Michigan and Wisconsin and that if Biden wins those states — threw in Nevada for good measure — Biden is the next president.”

No matter the final outcome, Trump dramatically outperformed initial polling estimates, and even the NYT admits that “many of the state polls were wrong and underestimated support for Republicans — again.” A big question in coming days according to the NYT will be “why: Did polls again fail to include enough working-class white voters, as was the case in 2016? Or was it something else?” (spoiler alert: it was something else, and it’s called poll bias being constantly in the Democrats’ favor).

It is also notable that Trump managed to improve his overall popular vote count by nearly 4 million from 2016, rising to 66.75 million versus 62.98 million, and as David Rosenberg puts it, Trump clearly has more than just a “base” supporting him. Or there are a lot of folks who feared a Blue Wave/move to the left. “America is never going socialist. That’s one message among many.”

Meanwhile, Biden has not made as much progress in key areas as was expected, while the loss of Hispanic support in Florida should serve as a major warning for Democrats, with even the NYT admitting “Democrats struggled to match their 2016 margins among Hispanic voters” which hurt Biden, “especially in Florida and Texas.”

* * *

The two candidates took to addressing the nation shortly after midnight, with Biden coming up first, and urging patience.

“We believe we’re on track to win this election,” he said. “We’re going to have to be patient until the hard work of tallying the votes is finished. And it ain’t over until every vote is counted, every ballot is counted.”

This was followed by Trump at 2:30am when he declared himself the winner, and said he would call on the Supreme Court to stop counting ballots in states where he led, while urging more counting in states where he was behind. Trump also claimed “fraud” and he called the election an “embarrassment to the country.”

Trump’s declaration prompted the Pennsylvania Governor to warn that over 1 million mail-in-ballots are yet to have been counted.

At this point the “blue checkmarks” on Twitter lost it:

  • “This is an extremely flammable situation and the president just threw a match into it,” Chris Wallace said on Fox News, after Trump’s remarks. “He hasn’t won these states.
  • “Donald Trump called it a ‘fraud’ to continue to count votes. This does not sound like a democracy.” — Olivia Nuzzi, New York Magazine
  • “What Trump did tonight is shocking, even though he’s been telegraphing this for some time. He’s primed his supporters to believe any result that doesn’t involve him winning is fraud.” — Rosie Gray, BuzzFeed News
  • “Trump may indeed win. But he certainly hasn’t yet. And, he doesn’t get to say that your vote shouldn’t be counted.” — S.E. Cupp, CNN

And so on. The Biden campaign also countered that “the president’s statement tonight about trying to shut down the counting of duly cast ballots was outrageous, unprecedented, and incorrect.”

While questions remain over the presidential race, things are much clearer in the Senate where the widely anticipated Blue Wave has crashed as hopes for a Democrat takeover fizzled, as Republicans now are in a strong position to retain Senate control, which would give them a veto over nearly all of a President Biden’s legislative plans, and collapsing hopes for a massive stimulus (which is also why the reflation trade is crashing and burning this morning, with tech stocks and Treasurys soaring).

According to the NYT, Democrats needed to win at least five of the 14 competitive Senate races and have so far won only two. Six races remain up in the air. The only incumbent Republicans to have lost are Martha McSally in Arizona and Cory Gardner in Colorado.

Finally, here are some of the notable state-ballot initiatives:

  • Florida voted to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2026, getting support from 61 percent of voters — which means that a large number of Floridians voted for both Trump and a big increase in the minimum wage.
  • Colorado’s proposed ban on late-term abortions did not pass.
  • New Jersey, South Dakota and Arizona voted to legalize recreational marijuana, and Oregon became the first state to decriminalize possessing a small amount of any street drug.
  • Mississippi voted to adopt a new state flag that does not feature the Confederate Battle Flag.
  • California voted to allow workers for companies like Uber or Lyft to be independent contractors, instead of employees, The Los Angeles Times reports.

And while one can debate if Trump or Biden was the winner, the biggest losers of the night were pollsters who once again showed their clear Democratic bias and prompted questions over whether this industry should even exist.

Rappoport: CDC plans COVID concentration camps

The CDC document is titled: “Interim operational considerations for implementing the shielding approach to prevent COVID-19 infections in humanitarian settings,” updated July 26, 2020. Here are key quotes.

As you read them, and realize the horrific plan, keep in mind that this system can be manipulated to order ANYONE into these camps.

This is America??

“The shielding approach aims to reduce the number of severe COVID-19 cases by limiting contact between individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease (‘high-risk’) and the general population (‘low-risk’). High-risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to safe or ‘green zones’ established at the household, neighborhood, camp/sector or community level depending on the context and setting. They would have minimal contact with family members and other low-risk residents.”

“…the shielding approach suggests physically separating high-risk individuals from the general population to prioritize the use of the limited available resources and avoid implementing long-term containment measures among the general population.”

“A group of shelters such as schools, community buildings within a camp/sector (max 50 high-risk individuals per single green zone) where high-risk individuals are physically isolated together. One entry point is used for exchange of food, supplies, etc. A meeting area is used for residents and visitors to interact while practicing physical distancing (2 meters). No movement into or outside the green zone.”

“Consideration: Plan for an extended duration of implementation time, at least 6 months. Explanation: The shielding approach proposes that green zones be maintained until one of the following circumstances arises: (i) sufficient hospitalization capacity is established; (ii) effective vaccine or therapeutic options become widely available; or (iii) the COVID-19 epidemic affecting the population subsides.”

How would you like to be imprisoned in one of these camps?