Twilight Zone: Leaked Documents & Chats of Federal Bureaucrats Planning Election “Resistance”

This is what the MSM has done to the USA.   These people think Trump’s re-election would be the end of this country, but what they’re planning is the end of the country.   They aren’t consciously evil, they aren’t stupid, they’re totally sincere and they’re totally ignorant of what’s going on.   What they’re doing could lead to an actual invasion by China and/or the UN (both champions of human rights and democracy, NOT).   They can’t even conceive of how bad things could get.    Many many people could die, not just here but world wide.   It would be the end of hope.

The issue is globalization, economic devastation, tyranny and genocide, the same as it’s been for 30 years or more, when the financial aristocracy began moving our industrial infrastructure to China under the nose of both the democrats and republicans.   Trump is the first president to put the brakes on this process.   That’s why they hate him.   Our situation is dire even if Trump is re-elected, but if he loses it’s pretty much hopeless.

30 years ago I called myself a progressive activist, but I’ve learned a thingertoo about the world since then, such as the fact that language has been weaponized, and that it’s easy to get ordinary americans to commit atrocities against strangers just by lying to them.    This is as true of progressive demonstrators as it is of soldiers.

The “liberal” establishment is controlled by murderous fascists and worse.   The media is flat out evil and has been for decades.   They are info-mercenaries, apologists and supporters of torture and murder whenever and where ever they’re paid to be.

Wake up please.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”  — Voltaire


Leaked Zoom calls: Federal workers conspiring to shut down White House in contested election

Dozens of leaked internal documents and Zoom call video footage were made public Sunday describing plans by progressive activists and federal workers to disrupt and destabilize the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election, including plans to “shut down the White House.”

“It’s a coup. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not,” a woman states during one Zoom session.

The videos and documents, which reportedly have been handed over to law enforcement, were posted on two websites, as well as, both of which promised to be regularly updated with additional content during the next 48 hours as Election Day approaches.

The information was leaked by a disaffected insider of the “Sunrise Movement,” part of a loose but extremely coordinated network of left-leaning activists mobilizing across the U.S. in an effort to ferment chaos in the wake of a potential Trump victory or a contested election.

The videos and documents discuss a well-coordinated plan to shut down federal buildings (including the White House), public transportation portals, and disrupt Congress when it returns post-election. Sunrise is an umbrella movement comprised of 400 “hubs” and hundreds of affinity groups including and Extinction Rebellion.

At one point during a Zoom call that highlighted the role of the militant group “Shut Down DC,” a spokesman states:

“We have been in discussion for a couple of months about how to respond to different contested election scenarios. The first step is we think we need to start the post-election phase in the streets, so we invite everyone to come to BLM (Black Lives Matter) Plaza any time after 4:00 on election night. On the 5th, we’re going to shut down the White House. On the 6th, we’re going to shut down larger parts of D.C., and then the following week, all the mainstream groups are going to come to D.C. and try to have a march on the 7th.”

The network of progressives has enlisted several key players including Lisa Fithian, a long-time organizer and trainer including stints with Occupy Wall Street and various unions. In the video describing tools and tactics to shut down the nation’s capital, she states:

“Is there going to be a war? Are people going to get killed? Like, is that on anybody else’s mind? I’m guessing it is. We’e gonna see potential fighting all over the county or in some hotspots.”

“Whoever’s got the guns can win – let’s take over the buildings! We are going to be in a crisis but we want it to be one that we are creating. We want to make sure that we are on the offense and not the defense. We want them to be responding to us and not us responding to them.”…

On Friday, journalist Millie Weaver was among the first to sound the alarm about the scheme to shut down the White House and disrupt the government, tweeting excerpts of the videos, and noting:

“Leftist protest groups plot election day coup aided by the Democrat Party, Federal employees & Intelligence contractors. – They plan to shut down & take over Washington D.C. starting Nov. 4th until inauguration day to force Trump out of the White House.”

This website houses leaked internal documents, images, videos, and internal communications from The Sunrise Movement and other radical left affinity groups.

This is CNN, and CBS and NBC and ABC and MSNBC and NYT and the Brainwashington Compost and the entire US MSM

Tools of Oppression: Stanford Prison Experiment, Milgram Obedience Experiment, Asch Conformity Experiment

Missouri Officers Rescue Over a Dozen Victims, Arrest 5 Human Trafficking Suspects

Oak Grove [near Kansas City] Police Department officers rescued 10 women and three children as part of a human trafficking operation in Missouri.

The police department said during the Oct. 23 operation, which was also conducted by the Missouri Attorney General’s Office Human Trafficking Task Force and the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the 10 women were contacted and offered victim services, while the three children, all under 5 years of age, were taken into protective custody and released to the Missouri Department of Social Services.

The investigation also resulted in the arrest of five men.

The department didn’t release any further details on the operation, as the investigation is ongoing.

Investigators told KCTV News that officers from the police department had noticed odd activity at truck stops off I-70 and called the Missouri State Highway Patrol for backup…


The virus-story: breaking the chains of medical civilization – by Jon Rappoport

In the same way the CIA invented foreign enemies which required us to go to war, there are people who have invented stories of fearful germs that demand medical treatment and prevention. The story tellers know that among the public, many people WANT the germ, need it, and even love it. Yes, love it, after enough conditioning has helped them along the path of surrender.

The COVID operation aims to engulf all of civilization in a preposterous and fake medical nightmare.

The operation has its roots in “modifying” citizens to accept medical dictates.

There are many kinds of such dictates, and it would take volumes to explore them all. Here I present a set of numbers from the US National Center for Health Statistics, a division of the CDC, covering the year 2018:

Percent of adults who had contact with a health care professional: 84.3%.

Percent of children who had contact with a health care professional: 93.6%.

Number of physician office visits (2016): 883.7 million.

Here is another related estimate: according to the US National Alliance on Mental Illness, in a recent year, “More than 25 percent of college students have been diagnosed or treated by a professional for a mental health condition…”

Try to grasp how this unprecedented rate of exposure to doctors shapes the minds of Americans. Appointments, tests, diagnoses, advice, orders, prescriptions, drugs and vaccines, follow-ups, referrals to specialists.

These factors alone—never mind the toxic effects of treatments, or wall to wall medical ads and other propaganda—add up to a medical civilization.

Given this reality, how do you think people are going to respond when they are told there is a pandemic and they must follow orders?…

More at

First-of-its-Kind Database of Scientific Studies Documents Harm From GMOs

First of its kind? After how many years of marketing this crap to people?

GMO Free USA has launched the first-of-its-kind searchable science database of studies and reports on the safety and effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and associated agrichemicals.

GMO Research is the world’s most comprehensive science database, containing more than 2,000 studies and journal publications documenting risks and potential and actual harmful effects of GMOs (also known as genetically engineered or bioengineered organisms) and the related pesticides and agrichemicals. The database contains references culled from around the world documenting health effects, environmental impacts, impacts on non-target organisms, resistance of target organisms, pesticide drift damage, genetic contamination, horizontal gene transfer and other unintended effects, as well as references related to crop yields, social impact, ethics and economics.

GMO Research is an easy to use public resource, a valuable research tool for the general public, scientists, researchers, physicians, educators and students. The database has an integrated global translator so visitors can view in nearly any language.

GMO/Toxin Free USA developed GMO Research as a response to the biotech industry’s frequent and fraudulent claim that there is no scientific evidence of harm from GMOs.

“In the public interest, our team has spent years researching and pulling this together,” said Diana Reeves, executive director of GMO/Toxin Free USA. “We’re proud to make this tool available. We will continue to update the GMO Research database as new studies are published. We encourage researchers to submit new papers and suggestions for improvement.”…

Physicians for Informed Consent: Are Flu  Vaccine Mandates Science-Based?

9 FLU VACCINE FACTS Are Mandates Science-Based?










A Cochrane Vaccines Field analysis19 evaluated studies measuring the benefits of flu vaccination. The analysis, published in the BMJ, concludes: “The large gap between policy and what the data tell us (when rigorously assembled and evaluated) is surprising… Evidence from systematic reviews shows that inactivated vaccines have little or no effect on the effects measured… Reasons for the current gap between policy and evidence are unclear, but given the huge resources involved, a re-evaluation should be urgently undertaken.”

Yes but it’s FREE!!!   At least if you ignore the (reported) vaccine injuries.   Flu vaccine is the worst in that respect.   But consider it an investment in big pharma’s future revenues, when the chronic autoimmune disease kicks in.

Censored: Even Low Dose Vitamin D More Effective than Vaccine Against Flu

Hunter Biden may have been abusing children while chairing foundation to stop child abuse

Should a man who may have known about his adult son’s inappropriate relations with underage girls and looked the other way be the leader of the free world?

That might be exactly what happens if Joe Biden is elected president.

When The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Delaware, tried to track down the owner of the famous Hunter Biden scandal laptop after it was left there unclaimed, it was a sticker on the computer for the Beau Biden Foundation, named after Hunter’s brother, that they used to help identify it.

The foundation, whose full name is the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children, is supposed to protect children from child abuse – so it’s pretty ironic and absolutely horrifying that the laptop contains material involving the exploitation of underage girls.

We don’t know if the laptop actually belonged to the foundation or was a personal device, but the computer shop is just a short drive from its physical address at the University of Delaware Law School. Their mission is to protect children from child abuse, particularly online. They host workshops and training to prevent children from falling victim to abusers who groom them online, and they distribute eBooks about some of the very things that Hunter Biden is being accused of doing.

The foundation received a $22,000 grant earlier this year from Delaware’s COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund to offer “virtual training” to protect kids from abuse.

While the foundation was giving $3,000 lessons on how online predators can be spotted, board member Hunter Biden was having email exchanges like this one with his presidential candidate father:…

Podesta, Washington Post and the NCMEC

California’s government solely responsible for states forest management and wildfire debacle

Yet another application of the disaster capitalism business model. The swiss army knife of corruption.

The inept government, political and regulatory policies of California have clearly driven the present forest management calamitous conditions with that failure leading to disastrous wildfires throughout the state.

Those government and political leaders that are responsible for this situation that has been decades in the making have tried to conceal their incompetence by making scientifically unsupported propaganda claims that “climate change” caused this situation. These government driven problems are clearly identified in two recent reports – one by Cal Fire and the other by the California Legislative Analysts Office.

The state has established a huge gauntlet of regulatory agencies whose policies, procedures and actions have interfered with, misdirected, wasted and delayed the use of appropriate resources that have led to the present forest management and wildfire catastrophe.

Cal Fire has identified a series of high priority wildfire policy actions that need to be addressed and that reflect decades long policy inaction by the state which have led to the buildup of increasing wildfire risks that are responsible for the severity of recent California wildfires….

The wildfires have served their purpose from a PR perspective, and apparently satellite based microwave weapons (not kidding here, see below) have  eliminated the need for the deliberate cultivation of kindling.   Now the real harvest begins.

Evidence for Microwave Beam Weapons at Paradise CA


World Bank Throws Full Weight Behind The Great Reset

For decades, the global elite hid their plans behind environmental extremists [“fake environmentalism” is more accurate -rw], but now they have fully revealed themselves as being the master architects from the very beginning. The World Bank, IMF and Bank for International Settlements are in a coordinated tryst to reform the planet. ⁃ TN Editor

The World Bank has published a report that outlines economy-wide actions to facilitate decarbonization and sustainable development as the world recovers from the COVID-19 global pandemic. The report aims to help countries align their development pathways with the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change through long-term strategies that promote climate resilience of food and water systems, energy, transport, and cities, among other sectors.

The report titled, ‘World Bank Outlook 2050 Strategic Directions Note: Supporting Countries to Meet Long-Term Goals of Decarbonization,’ highlights the “huge risks” climate change poses to countries’ long-term development and growth, with critical implications for poverty, food security, and health. In a foreword, Juergen Voegele, World Bank’s Vice President for Sustainable Development, cautions that all countries, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable, are now facing “the compound impacts of the twin challenges” of climate change and COVID-19.

The report notes that the ambition reflected in the first round of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) would only limit global warming to 2.7-3.7°C above preindustrial levels. It warns that a continued focus on short- and medium-term targets could make decarbonization more difficult, and calls for long-term strategies to help countries develop sustainably. “By planning ahead, these strategies can boost new economic activity and innovations, creating the jobs of the future, while also securing a safer climate, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable,” said Mari Pangestu, World Bank’s Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnerships, at the report’s launch.

The Outlook 2050 recognizes the need for a “bold economic transformation” to realize the vision of the Paris Agreement and make the SDGs “more achievable,” which includes aligning finance flows with low-emissions, climate-resilient development pathways. It proposes a “whole-of-economy” approach to decarbonization, which prioritizes four economy-wide strategic directions:

  • Embed long-term climate priorities in countries’ macroeconomic frameworks;
  • Embed long-term climate planning in national budgets and expenditure frameworks;
  • Embed long-term climate objectives in financial sector regulations and incentives; and
  • Embed long-term climate objectives in systems planning.

The report identifies cross-sectoral opportunities and makes recommendations across eight areas that are essential for achieving the SDGs: 1) transforming food systems; 2) protecting land-based ecosystems and carbon sinks; 3) transforming energy systems; 4) transforming mobility; 5) building low-carbon, more resilient urban areas; 6) transforming water systems; 7) transforming the ocean economy; and 8) digital transformation. The Outlook 2050 finds that investing in cross-sectoral opportunities, including as part of stimulus packages, can aid in a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic….

The Real Enemy: YOU

Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons

How Technocracy and the Great Reset Are Being Implemented at the Local Level

Want to learn exactly how the “Great Reset” is being rolled out in your area?

In this in-depth interview, John Bush talks with Julianne Romanello about how the Great Reset and Technocracy are being implemented at the local level and in education through tax exempt foundations and impact investing.

They also talk about the P20 pipeline where technocrats are shaping the education and development of children so they may one day fill the jobs that will usher in the fourth industrial revolution.

Julianne Romanello was an assistant professor at Tulsa University before she blew the whistle on the school’s shift from a liberal arts university to a factory for developing cogs for the growth of the tech and sustainability industries. In this interview you will learn more about the Great Reset, Technocracy, and Agenda 2030.

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John Bush is a radical activist, entrepreneur, and father of two based in Austin, TX. He owns and operates Brave Botanicals which offers high quality kratom and CBD. In 2014, he founded the Freedom Cell Network which currently has over 5,000 people working together through small groups to secure their sovereignty. He is the host of the Live Free Now Show.

How WHO’s Redefinition of “Pandemic”  Benefits Big Pharma

In the years leading up to 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) worked alongside vaccine manufacturers, namely GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), to ensure that European and African countries entered into contracts to vaccinate their citizens in the event of an unforeseen global flu pandemic.

These dormant, or “sleeping contracts,” stipulated that if a global pandemic were to occur, it would trigger the contracts, specified pharmaceutical companies would manufacture flu vaccines and the respective governments would pay the vaccine manufacturers.

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On June 11, 2009, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan declared H1N1 swine flu to be a global pandemic, triggering the dormant contracts and throwing the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry into high gear.

Chan was able to make this declaration based on WHO’s official definition of a pandemic, which was updated just a month before declaring the H1N1 pandemic — WHO deleted its definition of a pandemic from the organization’s website and replaced it with a new, more flexible definition.

Under the new definition, WHO no longer required that anyone die from an illness before the organization could declare a pandemic. The new definition stipulated only that infections be geographically widespread.

At the time WHO declared the H1N1 swine flu a pandemic, only 144 people worldwide had died from the infection. As Wolfgang Wodarg, then chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s Health Committee, explained:

“The WHO had a definition of a pandemic, which it defined as a virus with high mortality and high morbidity. And in 2009 they suddenly dropped those two characteristics, saying nothing about severity or mortality.”

WHO wasn’t solely responsible for the decision to declare H1N1 a pandemic. WHO officials had consulted an emergency panel of 160 scientists on the International Health Regulations Committee. Although the identities of these scientists weren’t publicly known at the time, a 2010 British Medical Journal investigation revealed that many of the committee members who voted to declare H1N1 a pandemic had financial ties to flu vaccine manufacturers, including GSK.

The declaration of H1N1 as a pandemic launched $18 billion worth of “dormant” flu vaccine contracts, and allowed GSK to push its vaccine, Pandemrix, onto countries all over the world.

The Pandemrix vaccine caused severe, life-long, adverse neurological reactions, including narcolepsy and cataplexy (the sudden, brief loss of voluntary muscle tone triggered by strong emotions), in at least 1,300 children across Europe. It’s possible even more children were injured, as it’s estimated that only 10% of adverse reactions are reported through national adverse event reporting systems….