Twitter LOCKS Accounts Of Media, Celebrities, Gov. Officials For Sharing Biden Scandal Story

After yesterday’s cross-platform social media embargo on a New York Post exposé detailing explosive evidence against Joe and Hunter Biden, Twitter is at it again on Thursday – suspending the Trump campaign’s official account for sharing a video accusing the former Vice President of being a “liar who has been ripping off the country for years.”…

Twitter has locked the accounts of anyone who shared the New York Post story regarding Joe Biden’s foreign lobbying scandal, including media organisations, reporters, celebrities, and even government officials.

The story, which has been met with denials from the Biden campaign, claims that Hunter Biden had introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive in a Ukrainian energy firm a year before Biden pressured the government of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating the company.

After following Facebook’s crackdown, Twitter prevented anyone from sharing the “potentially harmful” story:…

I don’t know why they bother.   Biden has more skeletons in his closet than Norman Bates, he’s been responsible for more theft and treason and betrayal for more years than almost any other living politician.   Regarding ukraine, he threatened to withhold $1B of “loans” to ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor and bragged about it on a youtube video at the CFR.  This is pretty pedestrian stuff in comparison.   The establishment is getting increasingly hysterical over their loss of narrative control.   With good reason: they are satanists and satanists absolutely require silence.

Biden Threatened Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor Investigating His Son

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