Reiterating: The Democrats have Ceded the Election to Trump

If you’ve been paying attention you can’t miss that the demorat establishment and their celebrity courtesans are convinced Trump will win the vote by a landslide.   Their entire election strategy seems to revolve around censorship, ballot fraud and overturning Trump’s reelection  at any cost, including crashing the economy and breaking up the USA.    For the past 4 years they have acted exactly as one would expect a treasonous child-trafficking blackmail-ridden satanic cabal to act in the face of impending exposure.

Unless they manage to kill Trump or he has some unexpected health problem, the election has already been decided.    But I’m sure as hell going to vote anyway, if only to rub it in their face.

There is a wildcard involved of course, which is the utterly hackable black box election machines, which are still in the field for some reason.   Who has access to those back doors?   Most likely the  transnational corporations that made them, which tend to be democrat allies, given the dem’s commitment  to economic globalization.    How they can market themselves as the working man’s party is beyond me.   At least the repugs have some residual holdouts in favor of nationalism (i.e. regional self-determination).   Trump is one of them.

The Real Election Hack: Black Box Voting

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