NIAID Contract Obligates Pentagon to Buy 500,000 Doses of Moderna’s COVID Vaccine for $9 Billion

Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Trump have promised Americans “complete transparency” in order to bolster flagging trust in the White House’s Operation Warp Speed COVID vaccine program.

Yet here’s a completely redacted contract between Fauci’s agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and his leading vaccine candidate Moderna. The contract was just obtained by journalist Emily Kopp, of Congressional Quarterly, through a Freedom of Information Act request to the National Institutes of Health:

[see site for pages of blacked out text]

What is it that Fauci does not want us to know about the product he developed with $2.5 billion taxpayer dollars?

Fauci is director of NIAID, which owns the critical patents on the Moderna vaccine and will reportedly receive half the royalties. Six of his employees may also receive $150k annual royalties, at our expense, for their work on the vaccine.

Moderna’s former chair, Moncef Slaoui, is Operation Warp Speed director. The slides below show a second Moderna contract that will give you a notion about the potential size of those royalty payments. That contract obligates the Pentagon to buy 500,000,000 doses for $9 billion — presumably two doses for every U.S. citizen.

Is anyone else troubled that our government has tasked the military with this enterprise? The government may need soldiers to coerce vaccination once Moderna’s clinical trial results become public.

In Phase 1 of the Moderna trials, virtually all participants experienced unpleasant adverse effects with four volunteers (8.9%) suffering serious Grade 3 reactions meaning that medical intervention was required. Initial results of Phase 3 trials are equally troubling with three participants enduring severe reactions. One of them, Luke Hutchison of Utah, compared his vaccine response — fever, chills, migraines and trouble breathing — as “full on Covid like symptoms.”

The establishment is always droning on about national security.   Exposing the entire civilian and military population to concoctions with a long track record of contamination, toxicity and coverup would seem to meet the definition of a huge national security threat.   And in the context of the present “pandemic” hoax, this is nothing but a coup.

I guess the question is whether americans have already received enough vaccines to numb their ability to think about what’s going on.

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