New Revelations Shed Light on British Hand Behind Five Eyes

When do we get to actually be independent of the satanic british royal mafia?

In recent weeks, a fascinating confluence of events has increasingly moved to shed light on various aspects of the British hand running the Five Eyes Global intelligence apparatus spread across the Trans Atlantic.

In Luxembourg, the Court of Justice took a stand against Britain’s GCHQ’s practices of mass surveillance and bulk data collection on October 6 deeming it a “serious threat to national security”. Legal Director Carline Wilson Palow stated: “Today’s judgment reinforces the rule of law in the EU. In these turbulent times, it serves as a reminder that no government should be above the law. Democratic societies must place limits and controls on the surveillance powers of our police and intelligence agencies.”

Only weeks earlier, the U.S. National Security Agency and British Intelligence were both revealed to have been illegally tapping into the strategic Danish communications hub for decades (Denmark is a strategic control point for all European and Eurasian communications).

These European developments dovetail the revelations which have come to light in recent months of the vast intelligence apparatus within the USA itself which has been committed to using Russia Gate to undo the 2016 elections in order to install a president more conducive to the will of the globalists trying to run the world under a post-nation state world order.

Intelligence documents declassified earlier this Summer have pointed to high level echelons of British Intelligence behind the scenes coordinating Russia Gate. These documents have even implicated former Brookings President (and Rhodes Scholar) Strobe Talbott’s role in shaping the dodgier dossier alongside former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove, and Dearlove’s former underling Christopher Steele… both of whom used Brookings Institute lacky Igor Danchenko to provide gossipy fact free material to fill the “pee dossier”. It was in fact the same Dearlove who not only drafted the original dodgy dossier that was used by fanatical neocons in America to justify the Iraq war in 2003, but who also coordinated the entrapment of the former Director of National Intelligence Michael Flynn as early as February 2014 at a dinner hosted by the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar. It was at Dearlove’s invitation that Flynn found himself at the seminar and it was Dearlove who used his 20 minute conversation with Svetlana Lokhova to justify the story that the renegade general was compromised by a Russian honeypot.

Flynn had, at this time distinguished himself as hero working alongside then Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey to block Obama’s plans to attack Syria in August 2013, but went further to denounce American support for terrorists in both Libya and Syria publicly leading to his firing by Obama in August 2014. The threat which the forces operating the international deep state feared then and fear even more now that light is finally falling upon them, is that Flynn has repeatedly called for a re-organization of America’s corrupt intelligence agencies and has pushed for a restoration of America’s pro-Russian foreign policy not seen in any serious way since the days of Franklin Roosevelt.

Since British Intelligence has been very effective at crafting the myth that the British Empire disappeared after WWII, only to be replaced by the American Empire, many onlookers still find themselves confused when confronted by these revelations and have great difficulty understanding the currently active British Hand running America’s deep state. These onlookers are confused by the Rhodes Scholars that run Brookings, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Five Eyes or Wall Street. I would here like to offer a few helpful historical lessons to correct this confusion….

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