Manufacturing Consensus: Covid Hates Us For Our Freedom

It seems everyone who matters (e.g. the western satanic aristocracy and china) are in agreement that the biggest obstacle to a swift exit from the scamdemic  is what little is left of our freedom.   If we  completely abandon our desire for self-determination and become utterly  enslaved like china, we’ll be much better off.     Given that the chinese government is a metastatic offshoot of the western financial mafia it’s not surprising they’d be in agreement.

Anyway, you can see where this is going.    A new PR paradigm is being born before our eyes.  Problem reaction solution.   And of course the problem is Trump as far as they’re concerned, not his misplaced faith in the thoroughly corrupt US public health establishment.

Coronavirus in China kept me under quarantine. I felt safer there than back in the U.S.

Our laissez-faire attitude, prioritization of personal freedom and utter lack of government leadership have left Americans confused and exposed.

… I’ve now lived through a coronavirus quarantine in the two countries, and the differences are stark well beyond their airports. In China, the obligation to isolate felt shared and the public changed their habits almost immediately. Sterilization, cleanliness and social distancing were prioritized by everyone at all times. Rightly or wrongly, the Chinese state’s heavy-handed approach seemed to work.

In contrast, individual liberty is the engine that drives American exceptionalism. There are certainly valid questions about how much of it to sacrifice in the name of the public good, but our laissez-faire attitude, prioritization of personal freedom and utter lack of government leadership have left Americans confused and exposed.

Particularly troubling has been the extent to which it has felt like high-risk residents such as ourselves have had to shoulder the burden for stopping the spread of the disease by being the only ones to go into isolation. There are lessons to be learned from the Chinese people if not its leadership, including that everybody must accept their own responsibility, vulnerability and complicity — sacrificing “rights” for the collective good — or many of us will die. …

… Some American people have been proud to promote the American values of democracy and freedom to the world. But now, they find this does not work anymore because the world has changed. The so-called American values have deceived American people as well as the world. Now, the US’ values are much too vulnerable, and the country’s global leadership is declining.

At present, the US is unable to resolve its domestic problems including the raging epidemic, racial discrimination, social division and confrontation between political parties. Washington is trying to divert domestic resentment to the outside. This is a sign of the US’ stagnation and its further decline.

The US used to be a model for many countries to follow. It was also a country that many students worldwide yearned for. But now, the most powerful country is fragile and chaotic, constantly disrupting social order. The Trump administration seems to be the biggest factor behind such changes.

However, the emergence of the Trump administration is not accidental. It is an inevitable product of the evolution of American civilization and its political system. If Trump were not elected, another similar politician would assume high office sooner or later. With globalization worsening various woes in American society, the US will eventually take off its hypocritical moral mask and reveal its true nature. The US does not want to spend a relatively long time to adapt to globalization. It hopes to adopt direct and rampant measures to prevent other countries from making progress and taking the lead. …

“Adapt to globalization”?   Pulling out of these transnational  “free market”, “environmental”, “health” and “anti-poverty” scams (these words have no meaning any more) is the best thing Trump ever did.    It’s ironic that these looting facilities were imposed on the world by his predecessors, who intended the US to be consumed along with the rest of the world.

Obviously what we need is more freedom from organized crime masquerading as philanthropists, NGO’s, governments and media.

I’m looking forward to Trump’s exit from the rockefeller – controlled united nazis.

Corbett: China and the New World Order

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