Man Who Researched Killing Joe Biden Arrested After Cops Find Van Full Of Guns, Ammo, And Explosives

Is this yet another false flag? Will it turn out he’s been set up by the FBI? Or gotten “psychotherapy” from a mind control operative? All bets are off.

A 19-year-old man was arrested in North Carolina after local police found guns, ammo, and explosives inside an abandoned van. Court documents, seen by local television network Fox8, allege the man had intentions to carry out acts of terrorism, including a possible plan to assassinate Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to federal court documents, the man, Alexander Hillel Treisman, was arrested at the end of May when Kannapolis Police Department (KPD) found an abandoned van stashed with an AR-15 style rifle, a handgun, ammunition, explosives, night vision goggles, and rifle parts at a Fifth Third Bank’s parking lot in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

“Through the windows, KPD officers observed an AR-15 style rifle, a box for a Taurus .380 handgun, a canister of the explosive material Tannerite, and a box of 5.56 caliber ammunition,” court documents said.

Federal agents said Treisman had posted a meme on social media, asking, “should I kill joe biden?”

Between March and May, the man searched “information about Joe Biden’s home address, state gun laws, rifle parts, and night vision goggles,” according to court documents. The man even traveled near Joe Biden’s home and had a checklist with the note ending with “execute.”

Besides the weapons and ammo, investigators found $509,000 in cash (believed to be Treisman’s inheritance, there were also survival, bomb-making, weapon, and Islam books, along with drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings….

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