How to Learn Anything in Just a Few Minutes

A good talk, but I was hoping he’d get around to applying his geekiness to asking how and what his daughter learns.  Very few people ask this basic question even though it’s foundational to our own emotional development.   Adults forget what it’s like to be a baby during the process of “growing up”, but they never grow out of some of the lessons they learned as babies.  This is what imprinting is all about.   Conscious self-motivation doesn’t enter the picture when one’s entire history and perception of self-identity is encapsulated in the moment.   When there are no distinct boundaries between self and non-self.

The last point is key.   In his book on the CIA’s invention of psychological torture (A Question of Torture), Alfred McCoy describes the modern satanic science of cruelty and degradation.  It comes down to inducing a perception in the victim that he is responsible for his own pain, which is inflicted without respite or distraction.   The actual responsible party is not even present during the vast majority of the eternity and universe of suffering.   There is no one to blame but the victim, and pain induced rage ensures that the victim learns a passionate level of self hatred in the process.   Just the act of being forced to hurt another person severely undermines a person’s sense of self worth, even if it happens as an adult (See Sister Diana Ortiz’s speech at )  If that person is the self, it takes on a whole different level of intensity.

This is the imprinted lesson which is often taught to babies in our obstetrical wards: self hatred.   It only takes a few minutes, not 20 hours.  And they become experts at it.    And if the torment results in a lifetime of pleasure sensory deprivation (circumcision), it induces violent tendencies as well.

Repeat after me: Immediately placing newborns on their mother’s belly, without cutting the cord, without washing and without silly pheromone-disrupting and sensory-depriving caps and jammies, away from knife and needle wielding  sociopathic victims of the alternative, is not optional if you want to optimize the baby’s sense of self worth.   The consequences of the intergenerational reenactment of thoughtless, sociopathic,  unconsciously motivated cruelty has already been devastating to this society.    Parents need to step up to the plate and be counted if they want to be worthy of their children’s trust.

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