Harvard wants you to “reimagine” your Second Amendment rights in order to eliminate them

Because the Ivy League knows better than everyone else how to interpret the rights enshrined in our Constitution – this is sarcasm, just to be clear – there is a new effort afoot out of Harvard University to convince Americans that the time is now to “reimagine” the Second Amendment.

A report by Harvard’s Kennedy School Carr Center for Human Rights suggests that the rights and responsibilities of Americans have evolved, and it is no longer appropriate to wield around firearms without strict oversight and control by Big Brother.

It is not actually stated this way, of course, as the actual verbiage claims that this “reimagining” process will somehow expand “citizens’ rights.” The truth, however, is that Harvard wants you to give up your guns, or at least submit to a new way of owning and using them that better aligns with the leftist agenda.

“This blueprint for protecting and expanding citizens’ rights proposes policy changes to strengthen the democratic processes; safeguard equal protection, equal opportunity, and due process of law; and better protect freedoms of speech, media, religion and privacy,” an announcement about the report reads.

The right to bear arms shall not be infringed, period

How nice, except for the fact that the “Reimaging Rights and Responsibilities in the United States” report, as it is officially called, is actually a Trojan horse that seeks to accomplish the opposite of what its description and contents suggest.

Instead of promoting “due process and the rule of law” as it claims to do, the report instead wants to “balance” gun rights with public safety. This type of language, in case you were wondering, almost always means that gun rights need to be compromised in order to keep the public “safe” from shootings.

This is exactly how it is worded, in fact, if you dig into the report. In addition to securing “humanitarian protections in immigration proceedings” and reducing “incarceration and juvenile detention” along with sentencing law reforms, the report suggests that it is time to “enact laws that balance gun rights with public safety.”

Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg has repeatedly suggested the exact same thing, which is how we know what Harvard is really up to with its reimagination proposal for the Second Amendment.

Last we checked, the Second Amendment is non-negotiable. It is not up for debate, nor is it subject to the whims of “democracy,” a buzzword routinely used by the left in an attempt to chip away at the God-given rights afforded to us in this constitutional republic – read that again, we are a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

Furthermore, the Second Amendment, even if it were up for debate, is not something that criminals pay attention to anyway. With every new gun law that is enacted, the only people who lose access to their rights are law-abiding citizens. Criminals, on the other hand, will continue to access whatever weapons they please….


Including institutional criminals such as the soros foundations and their ally, the CIA.   One dollar, one right.   $1M dollars, one endowed chair for harvard.   No one is safe as long as money can buy anything, including academic integrity.

As far as “leftist”, I don’t know what the word means any more.   It used to mean, among other things, awareness of the empire’s nazi-like foreign policies in vietnam and latin america, and how such policies have been steadily imported into the domestic arena.   But now it’s apparently just a synonym for gullibility and ignorance.

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