Israeli’s IGNORE Second Tyrannical Lockdown

Israel’s second lockdown imposed by the government is being ignored by the citizenry. Eventually, people get tired of being dictated to and make the decision to live freely without fear of consequences.

This should be a lesson for all countries who attempt a second lockdown. Israel is learning that freezing a nation in place is even more difficult the second time around and too many are flat our ignoring the dictates of government in exchange for making their own decisions, consequences be damned.

The Washington Post reported that this lockdown has proven extremely difficult for Isreal to enforce as people are now trending toward freedom not the false sense of safety being offered by the political ruling classes. Israel’s experience could hold lessons for other governments looking to exact tyranny on their own citizenry. Let’s hope a second lockdown in the United States never coalesces, but if it does, let’s also hope the public will stand up to the tyrants attempting to shove this New World Order agenda down our throats.

James Corbett: “The Great Reset IS The NWO!” We Are Almost Out Of Time

After a nearly two-month national quarantine, last spring, in which Israel’s 9 million residents largely complied with orders to stay home like good little order following slaves,  autumn’s Lockdown II has proved to be far more contentious as people willingly disobey the government.

In light of the public waking up to the fact that this virus is scam and hardly worth mentioning, becoming increasingly doubtful that the restrictions are necessary, desperate to make a living, and outraged at reports of politicians ignoring their own rules, has resulted in most people being less willing to lock themselves up since the second quarantine began September 25.

People are using black-market tactics to remain open. They are skirting the rules and regulations in order to be able to make an income and feed their family. The police still seem to be intent on using force and violence against people who disobey. It’s funny that the police still et to keep their jobs and stay paid and feed their families as the people they terrorize and shut down suffer.

This is tyranny. It’s actually beyond tyranny at this point. Wake up. It’s past time to stand against all of this.

America’s Frontline Doctors Summit II – Countering the Fake Media

We exist to counter the massive disinformation campaign regarding the pandemic. We are diverse, exceedingly well-credentialed physicians, with extensive front line experience treating both COVID-19 and the risky health effects due to the lockdowns. There are many early treatment options! Most people do just fine! If you would like to know the facts from doctors who are passionate about giving you those facts, watch our newest videos, found under Summit II.

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control – The Vigilant Citizen

Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim) and the expected results are horrifying: The creation of a mind-controlled slave who can be triggered at anytime to perform any action required by the handler. While mass media ignores this issue, over 2 million Americans have gone through the horrors of this program. This article looks at the origins of Monarch programming and some of its methods and symbolism.

NOTE: This article contains disturbing elements and might trigger Monarch survivors.

Monarch programming is a mind-control technique comprising elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). It utilizes a combination of psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals to create within the slaves an alter persona that can be triggered and programmed by the handlers. Monarch slaves are used by several organizations connected with the world elite in fields such as the military, sex slavery, and the entertainment industry. This article will look at the origins of Monarch programming, its techniques, and its symbolism….

Interview with Mind Control Victim Used to Blackmail Politicians as a Child

Michigan Gov. Whitmer (who loves to play VICTIM) displays symbols during live interview that call for assassination of President Trump

Satanists are very much into symbols.

Image: Michigan Gov. Whitmer (who loves to play VICTIM) displays symbols during live interview that call for assassination of President Trump

(Natural News) During a recent appearance on NBC‘s “Meet the Press,” Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made a veiled threat against President Donald Trump that many perceived as a suggestion of assassination.

In the background during Whitmer’s speech, viewers noticed a series of numbered bubbles that were apparently encoded to suggest that the president should be killed for riling up his base against Whitmer, who was the subject of a fake kidnapping plot hatched by the corrupt FBI.

While Whitmer was busy slamming Trump’s response to the plandemic, the numbers “8645” were perched near a house plant on the coffee table behind her, the 86 being a shorthand for murder, apparently, and 45 referring to Trump being the 45th president.

“Gov. Gretchen Whitmer displayed an ’86 45′ sign during her TV appearance,” tweeted the Trump War Room account. “86 can be shorthand for killing someone.”

“Whitmer is encouraging assassination attempts against President Trump just weeks after someone sent a ricin-laced package to the White House,” the pro-Trump Twitter page added.

Gretchen Whitmer is a domestic terrorist who wants to kill our president

The package in question was intercepted by the FBI and U.S. Secret Service shortly after the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was addressed to the White House and found to contain the deadly substance.

A woman from Quebec was reportedly arrested at the U.S.-Canada border several days later in conjunction with the plot. She is now facing federal charges as a suspect in the case.

As for Whitmer, she would seem to rightfully deserve similar prosecution as it has basically been confirmed that the 8645 numbers displayed in the background of her video were, indeed, aimed at Trump in a malignant way.

Tori Saylor, Whitmer’s deputy digital and creative director, confirmed as much when she tweeted about Whitmer’s videos, specifically mentioning and seemingly supporting the 8645 display.

“Bright and beautiful,” Saylor wrote, adding, “Nothing but respect. RBG. 8645. Nice plant, too. 10/10.”

If this is not an overt threat of assassination against our president, then we do not know what is. Whitmer and her entire team deserve a nice visit from the U.S. Secret Service and FBI, would you not agree?

More related news about Gretchen Whitmer, by the way, can be found at

Whitmer claims Trump is promoting domestic terrorism

Responding to the threat, Courtney Parella, deputy national press secretary for the Trump campaign, pointed out that Whitmer, who has been complaining about “dangerous rhetoric” from Trump and his supporters, is guilty of doing the very thing she says is happening to her.

“By Gretchen Whitmer’s own standard, displaying something encouraging people to ’86’ the President is employing dangerous rhetoric,” Parella explained in a statement to Fox News.

In her own defense, Whitmer is offended that Trump is telling his supporters that Whitmer needs to “open up your state” and “get your schools open.”

“It’s incredibly disturbing that the President of the United States – 10 days after a plot to kidnap, put me on trial, and execute me – 10 days after that was uncovered, the president is at it again and inspiring, incentivizing and inciting this kind of domestic terrorism,” Whitmer whined.

“It is wrong. It has got to end – not just for me and my family but for public servants everywhere who are doing their jobs and trying to protect their fellow Americans.”

As for Saylor, she apparently sees nothing wrong with Whitmer’s veiled threat, claiming that every time President Trump mentions Whitmer at a rally, “the violent rhetoric towards her immediately escalates on social media.”

“It has to stop,” Saylor further whined on Whitmer’s behalf. “It just has to.”

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World leaders planning new lock downs to introduce “The World Debt Reset Program” which includes universal basic income and vaccination requirements

World leaders are preparing for a second and third wave of covid-19 cases and are fine-tuning their lock down strategies which will be implemented late in 2020 and into 2021. Their planning involves the development of a new world economy, one that introduces medical fascism as a permanent way of life.

A Canadian whistle blower came forward with the plans. The whistle-blower is on the Liberal Party of Canada’s Strategic Planning Committee, which operates under the direction of Canada’s Office of the Prime Minister (PMO).

The historic lock downs have engineered mass poverty and will continue to weaken people’s financial and food security, making them more vulnerable and eventually making them more desperate to accept the new world economy and its bodily requirements.

New world economy includes universal basic income and vaccination requirements

The new world economy includes the introduction of a digital currency, a universal basic income, vaccine requirements for travel, and “The World Debt Reset Program.” A continuous cycle of lock downs into 2021 will eventually lead to an international economic collapse. Governments worldwide will offer citizens an alluring way out by promising to eliminate all personal debts (mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc.)

In the U.S. this idea has already been implemented in 2020 through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) – a guaranteed loan program that forgives the debt if the borrower follows specific instructions. Under an impending economic collapse, any and all loans will be forgiven if the citizen agrees to participate in the “World Debt Reset Program, funded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In order to get all debts forgiven, citizens will have to forfeit ownership of any and all private property, accept a universal basic income, and enroll in the covid-19 and covid-21 vaccination schedule.

As the rolling lock downs and economic sanctions commence, citizens will be permitted all their previous freedoms  to travel and gather in stadiums and public venues as long as they provide an ID showing they were inoculated with all the mandated covid-19 and covid-21 vaccinations. In Canada, detainment camps are being installed in all provinces and territories to coerce people to comply with the new plans. The Canadian whistle-blower revealed that this vaccine ID will be referred to in Canada as Canada’s HealthPass.

The whistle-blower warns that world leaders in Australia, the US, the UK, Canada and New Zealand will push for a “complete and total secondary lock down much stricter than the first and second rolling phase restrictions.” These new lock downs will be pushed in November 2020 through January 2021 by hyping up covid-19 testing and case counts.

2020 lock down tyranny is just the beginning of a much larger plan

The upcoming lock down plans are congruent with the “Great Reset” plan outlined by the World Economic Forum and Event 201, both funded and pushed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which seeks worldwide compliance with vaccine experiments and genetic modification of humans. The Prime Minister’s National covid-19 Advisory Commission (established in lockstep in March 2020) is now advising and pushing the Canadian PMO and the Department of Prime Ministers and Cabinet in Canberra to carry out these totalitarian plans.

The whistle-blower said at least thirty percent of the committee members strongly oppose these plans but their voices are being drowned out. It has been made “very clear that nothing will stop the planned outcomes,” said the whistle-blower.

The Canada’s Office of the Prime Minister has laid out the plan, which includes a secondary lock down by December 2020, that will implement restrictions on a rolling basis, beginning with major metropolitan areas and expanding outward. The media will project that daily covid-19 cases exceed testing capacity and must be curbed using a complete and total secondary lock down much stricter than the first and second rolling phase. The unemployment program will be configured into a universal basic income program by the end of quarter one, 2021.

As the vaccines are rolled out, all viral shedding, mutations, and vaccine injuries will be blamed on a “third wave” which includes a higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection. Anyone who does not agree to the vaccines will be stripped of their right to travel freely and will either be detained in the isolation centers or monitored on home arrest until they agree to comply.

During this time, medical facilities will reach peak capacity, and government will enhance lock down restrictions, implementing a Third Lock Down by quarter two, 2021. Large inventory shortages, supply chain break down and economic instability is expected, as all individuals are put on a universal basic income program to curb hunger, homelessness and civil unrest. By quarter three, governments are expected to deploy military personnel to major metropolitan areas and roadways to create travel checkpoints. These tactics have already been tested out in 2020. Everyone who is dependent on these systems will be forced onto the HealthPass vaccination schedule. Anyone who disagrees will be deemed a “public health threat” or “enemy of the state.”

The whistle-blower said that dissenters will not be tolerated. “Essentially we were told it was our duty to make sure we came up with a plan to ensure that would never happen. We were told it was in the individual’s best interest to participate.”

“When several committee members pushed relentlessly to get an answer, we were told that those who refused would first live under the lock down restrictions indefinitely. Those who refuse “refused to participate” in the debt forgiveness program “would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities.”

“Once in those facilities they would be given two options, participate in the debt forgiveness program and be released, or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all their assets seized.”

Sources include:

FDA obstruction: Patients die, while Trump gets the blame

In a recent Washington Post op-ed, seven former FDA commissioners claimed that the agency has lost credibility with the public, and they blamed it on President Trump.

Jumping on the same bandwagon, an editorial in the once-venerable New England Journal of Medicine accused the president of “failing at every step” to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, thus enabling more than 220,000 deaths to date.

In reality, these charges are driven by craven politics and Big Pharma conflicts of interest. They divert attention from the FDA’s despicable efforts to block access to effective and inexpensive generic medications. Foremost among these is hydroxychloroquine.

Let’s take this in steps.

First, who is bringing these charges? The seven commissioners include David Kessler — adviser for the Biden campaign; Scott Gottlieb — board of directors of Pfizer and consultant to many pharmaceutical companies; Mark McClellan — board of directors of Johnson & Johnson; Robert Califf — extensive ties with many of the largest pharmaceutical companies; Andrew von Eschenbach — board of directors of the biotech company BioTime and director of Viamet Pharmaceuticals; and Jane Henney — who has served on the board of directors of AstraZeneca.

Many of these companies manufacture patented COVID-19 vaccines and medications. These products are in direct competition with generic, low-cost drugs that FDA has been asked to approve for outpatient COVID-19 use, but that it has refused.

Not to be outdone, the New England Journal of Medicine editorial was led by Deputy Editor Lindsey Baden, who disclosed that he is involved in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial work conducted in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health, COVID-19 Vaccine Prevention Network, and Crucell/Janssen, Moderna, the Gates Foundation, and the Ragon Institute.

Baden is also chair of the Antimicrobial Drug Advisory Committee of the FDA. Not only is Baden, because of his role with the FDA, motivated to deflect blame from the agency, but he appears to be incentivized financially to tilt the COVID-19 response away from inexpensive generic medications and toward patented and massively profitable vaccines.

The reality is that the FDA has undermined its own credibility, and it has done so brazenly in plain sight. No president was needed for that, as I’ll explain.

As background, one must understand that COVID-19 patients are typically hospitalized because they have developed a severe and life-threatening pneumonia, one that fills the lungs with inflammatory debris and causes abnormal blood clotting in the lungs and small blood vessels. This advanced and dangerous condition, often described as acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS, is entirely different from early “outpatient” (that is, outside the hospital) manifestations of COVID-19, which typically consist of a self-limiting, flu-like illness. We are thus speaking of two very different groups of patients. This distinction between COVID-19 outpatient and inpatient, of course, is well known to the FDA.

And yet, on July 1, the FDA posted on its website a large, black-letter warning against using hydroxychloroquine, or HCQ, to treat outpatients: “FDA cautions against use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for COVID-19 outside of the hospital setting.” The FDA justified this warning — stated on the website, just beneath the warning itself — by referring to safety concerns among hospitalized patients.

The FDA does not mention the crucial distinction between evidence for outpatients and inpatients. It does not mention the large body of evidence that HCQ is safe when used in COVID-19 outpatients. It does not mention that HCQ is currently being used safely by millions of outpatients with lupus and other rheumatological conditions. Nor does the FDA mention that HCQ has been safely used worldwide by hundreds of millions of persons, equaling tens of billions of doses, over more than half a century.

And finally, the FDA does not mention that it has no data showing adverse events in outpatient use. In short, among relatively healthy outpatients, HCQ has amassed one of the deepest and most extensive safety records of any drug in history, and the FDA’s warning implication of general harm is an outright lie….

Find Out if Your State Lawmakers Take Cash From Big Pharma

A new collaborative report by STAT and the National Institute on Money and Politics provides a first-of-its-kind analysis of the drug industry’s influence on state representatives.

The report also makes it easy for citizens to find out how much cash the industry spent in their state, and which lawmakers took it.

STAT tracked the political spending of 25 private entities, including the top 23 U.S. drugmakers and two industry lobbying groups: Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and the Biotechnology Innovation Organization.

The data, collected between January 2019 to July 2020, shows that even in the midst of a devastating pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry’s influence campaign reached almost 2,000 state lawmakers.

State elected officials cashed checks ranging from $500 to $20,000. Those amounts are small potatoes compared with what the industry hands out to federal lawmakers — but it’s enough to significantly influence a state legislator’s campaign, STAT said.

Top spender Pfizer and its political action committee wrote more than 1,100 checks, worth a combined $778,000, to a total of 994 lawmakers in 42 states.

Eli Lilly, Merck and Novartis, which ranked third, fourth and fifth among contributors, each spent between $500,000 and $300,000 at the state level.

California legislators took more money than those in any other state. The industry distributed roughly $1.5 million among 103 lawmakers. Only 17 members of the California legislature didn’t take any cash from the industry, according to the report.

Of the 181 members of the Texas legislature, 66% reported receiving money from the pharmaceutical industry.

STAT designed an interactive map that makes it easy to check which elected officials in each state take drug industry cash, and from which company.

Citizens can draw their own conclusions about whether Big Pharma’s donations to a particular state senator influenced that lawmaker’s support for a specific industry-friendly state policy, or opposition to a policy opposed by industry.

For example, New Jersey State Senators Joe Vitale and Steven Sweeney supported S2173, a bill that would strip constituents of their rights to refuse vaccinations on the grounds of religious freedom. STAT’s interactive map shows Vitale and Sweeney took $4,100 and $9,500 in industry money respectively, from vaccine manufacturers Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly and Pfizer.

PhRMA called STAT’s specific focus on the drug industry’s political spending “ludicrous.”

STAT’s report follows its companion analysis of drug industry spending at the federal level, which revealed $11 million in industry giving as of July 2020.

Dr. Elke De Klerk: We do not have a medical pandemic

Comments under the video:

  • It is not a medical pandemic, it is a political pandemic!
  • Doctors from countries around the world banded together to issue a collective statement declaring the COVID-19 pandemic a sham. Members of the World Doctors Alliance take turns explaining why the coronavirus has been overblown in their respective jurisdictions.