Healing Technology of the SSP & Science of Manifestation – The Med Bed

Workshop with James Rink and Mike Emery on May 28, 2020 discussing Med Bed Tech, Holographic Examination Tables, Regeneration Tanks, as well as a lecture on the science of manifestation by Mike Emery

“The technology of the Med Beds is not from planet Earth. It is not human-created technology. It is a technology that has been given to humanity by off-world ET’s. A Med Bed is based on tachyon particle energy and plasma (plasmatic) energy. The soil, the atmosphere, the water, everything is plasma energy, everything in the universe is plasma energy, it’s just a different form through vibrational frequency.”




My channel and videos were purged months ago, but you can see my videos at Bitchute.com – https://www.bitchute.com/video/PuG3UV5YEHbt/ – but they are purging many more now, just two weeks before the election.

A massive YouTube purge has taken place. Several channels have been removed from the platform proving truth is treason in the empire of lies.

Let me preface this by saying that whether you do or do not agree with the content published by some channels on YouTube, no one deserves to have the boot of tyranny on their throat or their voice silenced for any reason. Ever.   “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” – George R.R. Martin.

As far as I, personally am concerned, the content published on any of the sites purged is irrelevant. Censorship in any and all forms is immoral all the time…

YouTube channels deleted today include:

  • Destroying the Illusion
  • Redpill78
  • PrayingMedic
  • Joe M
  • IPOT
  • X22 Report
  • Edge of Wonder
  • SGT Report
  • Spaceshot76
  • WokeSocieties
  • Amazing Polly
  • Truth & Art TV
  • PatriotsSoapbox
  • Dustin Nemos
  • InTheMatrixxx
  • AndWeKnow
  • Stroppy Me
  • JustInformed Talk
  • MouthyBuddha
  • Know_More_News
  • The Last American Vagabond
  • Titus Frost
  • Dollar Vigilante
  • World Alternative Media

Try to find as many of these as you can on Bitchute or Steemit. Please try to take a few minutes to find any of these creators and support them on alternate sites…

See video and read more at https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/blatant-censorship-the-great-youtube-purge

Kevin Ryan: Psyop: The Parallels Between 9/11 and Covid19

Kevin Ryan‘s video presentation for the 9/11 Truth Film Festival, held in September to mark the 19th anniversary, discusses the many parallels between the Covid19 narrative, and roll out of the “official conspiracy theory” in the wake of 9/11. From the incessant fear-based media coverage, to the signs of opportunistic corruption, to the smearing of critics in the mainstream media, to the oddly prescient “exercises”…the clear signs of a psychological operation are there.


Reiterating: The Democrats have Ceded the Election to Trump

If you’ve been paying attention you can’t miss that the demorat establishment and their celebrity courtesans are convinced Trump will win the vote by a landslide.   Their entire election strategy seems to revolve around censorship, ballot fraud and overturning Trump’s reelection  at any cost, including crashing the economy and breaking up the USA.    For the past 4 years they have acted exactly as one would expect a treasonous child-trafficking blackmail-ridden satanic cabal to act in the face of impending exposure.

Unless they manage to kill Trump or he has some unexpected health problem, the election has already been decided.    But I’m sure as hell going to vote anyway, if only to rub it in their face.

There is a wildcard involved of course, which is the utterly hackable black box election machines, which are still in the field for some reason.   Who has access to those back doors?   Most likely the  transnational corporations that made them, which tend to be democrat allies, given the dem’s commitment  to economic globalization.    How they can market themselves as the working man’s party is beyond me.   At least the repugs have some residual holdouts in favor of nationalism (i.e. regional self-determination).   Trump is one of them.

The Real Election Hack: Black Box Voting

Hard to Believe: Organ Harvesting in China

Keep in mind that the chinese regime is the darling of the western elites that put them in power.    They actually want to reinstitute the tried and true industry of slavery on a global scale, they think they can do it  with modern technology, anthropology and psychology.

The enemy has been in our midst all along, installing our politicians, running our NGOs, manipulating education and medicine.   You can see the evidence all around you.   We have abandoned the kids to the  satanic robber barons .

Corbett: China and the New World Order

Brzezinski: It is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them

The Real Eyes Wide Shut

The normalization of endocrine disruptors and vaccine DNA manipulation

What A Democratic Socialist Convention Is Like

Catherine Austin Fitts on Alex Jones Oct 14, 2020

International Group of Medical Doctors Call COVID-19 A Hoax

Doctors from countries around the world banded together to issue a collective statement declaring the COVID-19 pandemic a sham.

In footage released by UK company Oracle Films, members of the World Doctors Alliance take turns explaining why the coronavirus has been overblown in their respective jurisdictions.

“I want to say that we do not have a medical pandemic or epidemic,” explains Netherlands general practitioner Dr. Elke De Klerk in a short excerpt from the meeting.

“We also state that COVID-19 should not be on list A for any longer, because we now know that it is a normal flu virus and the normal flu virus isn’t on list A.”

De Klerk goes on to say thousands of doctors and nurses are ready to join a class action lawsuit against the state, given that many nurses “do not want the vaccine that is being prepared for us.”

“I want to state, if there is no pandemic, I’m wondering why our kids are in schools with masks,” De Klerk ponders, going on to explain the PCR test currently used to test for the virus is faulty.

“There’s no reason for panic. Also in the medical practice, there’s no reason for panic,” assures De Klerk. “The panic is created by these false-positive PCR tests. 89 or 94 percent are false positive. They don’t test for COVID-19, and also the rest is false negatives, so we have to look at clinics. Medical doctors have to stop looking at those tests. That’s very important. Let’s go back to the claims and to the facts.”

In another video from the meeting on October 10, World Doctors Alliance host Dr. Heiko Schöning explains the group believes the coronavirus epidemic to be a “planned-demic.”

“Yes, so these are the statements of experts, doctors and our others scientists and activists all over the world,” Schöning says after hearing from over 14 doctors, adding, “and we have this good message to the people:

“We see no evidence of a medical pandemic, so it looks like a plan-demic, and we all together say we don’t want this new normal, and we don’t want to go back to the old normal because the old normal created this situation of new normal. We want a better normal!”


Did Hunter Biden’s Laptop Contain Child Porn?

A tweet published by One America News Network’s Chief White House Correspondent Chanel Rion claims the hard drive from Hunter Biden’s laptop contained “underage obsessions.”

“Just saw for myself a behind the scenes look at the Hunter Biden hard drive: Drugs, underage obsessions, power deals…” she wrote “Druggie Hunter makes Anthony Weiner’s down under selfie addiction look normal. Biden Crime Family has a lot of apologizing to do. So does Big Tech.”

Perhaps also referring to “underage” content, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Steve Bannon on the War Room Pandemic podcast on Wednesday that the hard drive contains “sensitive stuff.”

“What we’re in possession of contains 1,000, maybe more, photographs that are highly, highly – anywhere from inappropriate to illegal – and have to be possessed by the Chinese government,” Giuliani said.

Only a portion of the data in the hard drive has been released so far, so an even bigger October Surprise could be awaiting the Democrat Party.

If there is “underage” material on the hard drive allegedly belonging to Hunter, the FBI will have to answer some questions as well.

According to the computer repairman who obtained the laptop, “The FBI first made a forensic copy of the laptop, then returned a few weeks later with a subpoena and confiscated it.”

However, the agency did not know the repairman also made a copy in case anything suspicious took place.

ZeroHedge reports, “After he stopped hearing back from the FBI, Isaac said he contacted several members of Congress, who did not respond, at which point his intermediary reached out to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello.”