Vitamin D and Covid: First Clinical Trial

This will no doubt intensify efforts to “mask up” in order to minimize all skin exposure to the sun.   In their earlier simulations they examined the benefits of long-sleeved shirts and pants and found them helpful with illness and mortality but were unable to invent a plausible PR  spin to justify them based on virus transmission.  They’ll have to wait for the arrival of winter.  They also discussed but rejected “collaring” since it’s too similar in appearance to strangulation.    Ironically, masking does achieve some of the benefits of moderate strangulation, which will become more pronounced with improved design and enforcement.

Oh yeah, I forgot: they’re trying to keep us safe.   As they destroy our food supply, shut down all independent business and put us on the street under the hoax of fictional reserve banking.   They won’t even spare us the whip of enforcing debt principal payments even though cancelling them would have zero effect on bank lenders.   Probably because it would cast attention on the whole structure of debt and money itself.

The emperor has been naked for a very long time.   How much longer will the peasants pay tribute?

Research Coverup of Vitamin D Scandal Continues

Fox Fired Glenn Beck After He Exposed the Federal Reserve

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