The Uses of Biden

I know I can’t be the only one who wonders wtf is going on with the DNC that they would run such a near total mental-basket-case against Trump and stick with him as he continues fumbling his lines and speaking to empty halls.    I can only think of one purpose for him at this point:

My best guess that they’re planning a false-flag assassination of Biden using a wind-up mk-ultra victim programmed to be a fake Trump supporter.   Maybe he’ll kill some random black people or members of some other electorally useful group while he’s at it.

Think about it: with Biden out of the way and Trump taking the heat for the killing, Harris can choose Michael Obama for VP and sail into office on a tide of orchestrated outrage and confusion.

Predictions are always risky, but now that I think about it this seems like a no-brainer.    Definitely par for the course with our self-described liberal party.

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